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Pumpkin’s Lamentation (Poem)

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  • Pumpkin’s Lamentation (Poem)

    I am tough – hard as rock
    Enemies’ blows they s*ck
    My face - filled with insanity
    But why is it that you can’t see?

    I am tough – on the outside
    But soft and squishy inside
    I take all ailments for the team
    You don’t see my tears, it may seem

    For there are times, so rough
    Where toughness ain’t enough
    Dealers take the glory
    No one hears my story

    I’m supposed to feel nothing
    And stop saying anything
    That it is you I hold dear
    My life is yours – do not fear

    I am Wicked Jaggar
    But if you felt my scar
    You’ll understand the sadness
    Beneath this game of madness

    (PS - i couldn't upload the image I obtained from the net, sooo )
    *poem made by me
    IGN: Bokobo
    SERVER: Armon
    GUILD: IlustradosPH