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  • Unity Model Viewer?

    I was wondering if there's an existing unity model viewer for Hello Hero? Preferably - a viewer that allows you to manipulate the model's pose and not just the camera angles.

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    Often, a model viewer is simply a model viewer. It displays the model as you would (and often, how you would) see it in-game.

    Editing models is a whole different ballgame. You'd need to get your hands on the raw model, complete with vertices. You would then need a 3d modeler with animation tools, such as Blender (not just a viewer, or even a CAD program) that will allow you to create new stances by positioning the joints.

    The trick to it all would be getting your hands on that model and then finding 3d modeling/animation software that supports or can convert that file type.

    All that said, I don't know offhand of anything that would work as I believe you would want. But there could actually be a simple model viewer with stance positioning out there now, I haven't done modeling in quite some time.

    Let us know if you figure something out!
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