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[READ] Regarding ban complaints

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  • [READ] Regarding ban complaints

    Lately I've seen a large influx of people claiming to have been "Unfairly banned," often making threads to fight their bans, saying things such as:
    • This is unfair
    • I didn't know that what I did was not allowed
    • Fincon is being rude to me
    • I've spent 15 years playing the game, please forgive me

    Among others.

    Now, let me explain something very simple. If you haven't done anything against our rules, you won't be banned. There are no conspiracies to get rid of people we dislike. If you have been banned, it's strictly because you have not acted in accordance to our rules.

    In case you are not aware, these are the only reasons for which an account might be suspended or terminated:

    1. Refund Abuse.
    Refund abuse occurs when a person purchases carats, receives them, and then files a refund with iOS/Google Play/Facebook. The person got their carats, and then got their money back. If the person leaves the carats alone that's fine, we can remove them from your account. If the person has already spent the carats-they are banned.

    2.Chargeback Abuse.
    Chargeback abuse is when a person purchases carats and the carats are sent before the payment fully clears. They get the carats but the payment is never sent or they dispute the purchase with their credit card company and cancel the payment. Again, if the person leaves the carats alone then it will be removed from the account, but if the person spends the carats-they are banned.

    3. Exploiting the Service. Intentionally exploiting any bugs, weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the Service or taking any action that could disable, damage, impair, injure or overburden the Service;
Using automated scripts, spiders or other technological methods to collect information from the Service or to otherwise engage the Service;
Reverse engineering or analyzing the software or services that are provided through the Service or otherwise using the software code other than as permitted herein;
Posting, introducing or transmitting to or thorough the Service viruses, disabling code, Trojan horses, malware, spyware, adware, malicious code or other code, files or programs designed or intended to interrupt, interfere with, limit, compromise or destroy any computer or device software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, infrastructure or networks; or
Engaging in other acts that the Company determines, in its sole discretion, are related to or similar to the above.

    4. Interrupting Games and Falsifying Game Scores.
    Intentionally forcing the Service to end in the middle of a Service or taking other actions that disrupt or interrupt the Service; Intentionally exploiting any bugs or weakness in the Service, or any Service game or falsifying the scores in any Service game; or
Engaging in other acts that the Company determines, in its sole discretion, are related to or similar to the above.

    Account Suspension and Termination.
    The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove, reject, deny, prohibit, or refuse to post or transmit, any content or message by you, or to deny, restrict, suspend, discontinue, or terminate your account or access to the Service or any portion thereof at any time, with or without prior notice or explanation, for any or no reason, and without liability. The Company expressly reserves the right to remove your profile or account and/or to deny, restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to the Service or any portion thereof if the Company determines or believes, in its sole discretion, that you have violated these Terms of Service or that you pose a threat to the Service, the Company and/or any other user.
    If you have engaged in any of these behaviors, you account will be subject to suspension or termination. You have agreed to these terms during registration. Regardless of the circumstances, you have violated the agreement you made and will be held accountable. No excuses, exceptions. Any threads with the intention of reactivating an account that was suspended for the reasons above will be closed.

    If you account has been suspended or terminated for reasons other than those stated above, you can file a complaint with all the pertinent details at the following link:

    If your complaint is not addressed immediately, please take in consideration that we have thousands of players that might have problems just as you do, please be patient, rest assured that you will have an answer, thank you for your understanding and happy gaming.
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