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Bounty Hunt + Mission Repeat Button Bug

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  • Bounty Hunt + Mission Repeat Button Bug

    When I use mission repeat, after my whole stamina is drained last mission reward pops out.
    When I press Confirm sometimes Bounty hunt pops out. I press confirm again Bounty hunt is gone.
    Seriously what a disapointment, lost like 4x Unique Heroes already.
    When does the time start counting? When I got bounty hunt in one of my auto-repeated missions?
    I used more than 130 stamina in one run. Shouldn't it start counting when I have an info on my screen that bounty hunt is on?
    Guys seriously when you provide new features don't forget about the ones that were already on.

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    This problem still exists, yet no response.


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      i suggest you might want to understand how this system does what it does first.
      i guess FINCON needs to clarify this further for this case.
      but based on my understanding this is not a bug but rather the game has a room for an improvement to not let you know that a bounty was encountered if it already expired.
      or another suggestion is to have an icon representing that a bounty was found during an auto-run.

      let's take a look on what happens when you do your auto repeat mission, in my opinion:

      1) auto - repeat is activated
      2) game starts and your heroes killing enemies in the map using auto repeat
      3) game ends and your heroes finished killing
      4) game checks if auto-repeat is activated and your stamina. if activated and still have stam, go to step 1... if none, end game.

      when you are in the middle of the auto-repeat and a bounty pops out, it will not stop of course.
      it will continue to do auto -repeat until your stamina runs out.
      that is when you see your bounty.
      remember that a bounty lasts for a limited time only.

      obviously when the auto run stopped and you checked your bounty, the timer already has ended.
      your bounty has been ticking from the moment it silently activated without you knowing it during your auto-run -- and it already expired..
      thus, your bounty is already gone.

      as for now, if you want to have your bounty, stop your auto-run once in every while to avoid missing it out.
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        After completing a mission, if you only see two options: Repeat & Confirm, then you have a bounty waiting and should click Confirm. If you see: Repeat, Next & Confirm, then there's no bounty. Also, if you receive an item or hero, there's no bounty. It is a bit of a pain, but a little diligence on your part should allow you to capture those bounties! Happy Gaming!
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