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No new day reset for Free Basic Hero Recruit.

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  • No new day reset for Free Basic Hero Recruit.

    When I had 1 last free hero of the day to recruit form "Basic Hero Recruit" and I did it like 3 mins after "new day for HH server time" happened, the counter for heroes did not reset and I ended up with 24 hour wait to recruit new heroes again
    I restarted the client and it did not changed. I should get at least 4 heroes free recruit, yet I eneded up with 0.
    Programmers these days, total lack of intuition and analitical thinking.

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    Kindly report it at the CS team via Ticket.
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      I propably should coz it happened AGAIN. Thats why I post it here.
      I also heard u have to wait for ages till they respond to your ticket.

      This time I used last free hero reclamation 8 mins before server day ended.
      Got the hero and time counter that it will reset in 8 mins.

      After 8 mins....poof... wait freakin 24 more hours.

      It drives me nuts.


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        Disconnect and reconnect, you'll be back at 5. The game has to reset for the counter to be reset- if you don't and the next day has started, you'll waste all the rest.