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    Okay let's have a tutorial for the Top 10 Hello Hero Hard Level Dungeons Between 70 -109, then I ranked them 10 - 1 depends on the difficulties.
    I made it more details so that guardians can understand and finish every hardest dungeon they will encounter between 70-109
    You can also see here the importance of the hero you hated most like: Thutmose, Anubis, and Balthazar.
    Lest start from:
    Top 10
    Dungeon Level 75
    TA Buffs: No Need
    Buy Out: No Need
    Info: All enemies are green wings and enemies can add damage and debuffs
    Frontline: (Green Wings) Lvl 80 Twilight Bomber Bat, (Green Wings) Lvl 80 Twilight Bomber Bat
    Back: (Green Wings) Lvl 80 Ominous Polter-kin, (Green Wings) Lvl 80 Scarecrow Raul, (Green Wings) Lvl 80 Ominous Polter-kin
    Your Key Heroes should be:
    High level star 5-6 heroes that can -minus attach and debuffs, most probably, (Rocket Lady June or Anubis)
    Line Up
    Frontline: Mighty Ox King(or other tanker that has +armor), Rocket Lady June
    Back: Monk Zhuanzang(or other aoe healers), Musashi(or other high damager dealer), and Dark Knight Eric(or other high damager dealer)
    Your key hero Rocket Lady June Should minus the damage of the enemies every cooldown, then debuffs them. Always focus on your dealers life so that
    you wont lose the level of this dungeon. Continue the sequence of skill -dmg, debuffs, +armor, heal, then damage dealt to the enemies so that you can
    finish this dungeon.
    Rewards: 65 Carats

    Top 9
    Dungeon Level 89

    TA Buffs: No Need
    Buy Out: No Need
    Info: High damager enemies that can kill a target a single normal/critical damage by counter attack
    One line:

    (Green Wings) Lvl 88 Jyu, (Green Wings) Lvl 88 Jyu
    Lvl 88 Master Lee (Damage immunity and 200% dmg (no stun))
    Your Key Heroes should be:
    High level star 5-6 heroes that can confuse or stun(disabler), it may be Fantastic show, Ninja Kaeaisu, or Amazaing Linda and other disabler.
    Line Up
    Frontline: Mighty Ox King(or other tanker that has +armor), Master Lee(or other tanker that can has high HP and tank skill)
    Back: Miya(or other fast cooldown heal), Thutmose(or other - damage hero) and -dex hero), Fantastic Show (or other disabler hero)
    The first thing you need here is +armor because your enemies are high level, then heal your tanker, after that -minus damage since enemies has high
    damage same with their levels, then minus dex because you only 3 enemies so there's a chance that the - damage will easily remove to them, then FS
    skill confuse or stun, once you got Master Lee here because is not immune to any disabling skills you can finish it easily. Remember that
    you always heal that why you need fast cooldown healer. Just repeat the sequence then you will finish it easily. -Dex also help confuse and stun to Master Lee,
    to make it much longer.
    Rewards: Random 4* Hero

    Top 8
    Dungeon Level 80

    TA Buffs: No Need
    Buy Out: No Need
    Info: Enemies that has provoker and support healer which can take you longer to finish it, if you didn't find out the strategy here.
    Frontline: Lvl 74 Possessed Nicky, Lvl 74 Evil Jagar
    Back: Lvl 74 Scarecrow Oren, Lvl 74 Scarecrow Thomas, Lvl 74 Scarecrow Raul
    Your Key Heroes should be:
    High level star 5-6 heroes that can confuse or stun(disabler)
    Line Up
    Frontline: Mighty Ox King(or other tanker that has +armor), Master Lee(or disabler heroes that can tank like Ninja Kaeaisu, Fantastic Show)
    Back: Miya(or other fast cooldown heal and debuffs), Nurse Gale(or other debuffer and disabler), Veteran Bo(or other high level single damager)
    The hero is most important hero here, You need only to confuse enemies, then support by your healer while your one damager dealt high damage to the enemies.
    Rewards: Random 5* Weapon

    Top 7
    Dungeon Level 84

    TA Buffs: No Need
    Buy Out: No Need
    Info: Perfect Line up enemies that has provoker, supporter healer, - damage, friendly fire skill, and disabler.
    (Green Wings)(Frontline) Lvl 78 Assassin Jack, (Green Wings)(Frontline) Lvl 78 Assassin King
    Back: (Green Wings) Lvl 78 Assassin Queen, (Green Wings) Lvl 78 Assassin Ace, Lvl 78 Teddybear Sky
    Your Key Heroes should be:
    Provoker(Miho, Asssasin King, Viking, or others) or Hero that can Provoker others like Genie
    Line Up
    Frontline: Miho(or other provoker heroes), Mighty Ox King(or other tanker that has +armor and - armor)
    Back: Thomas(or other heroes that can remove negative buffs on allies), Dark Knight Eric(or other high damager heroes like WKH), Rina(or other heroes that can buff focus or friendly target)
    Your first skill should be provoke since enemies can debuff your provoker, then follow by +armor and -armor, once the enemy Assassin Queen debuff from her allies,
    you can cast the skill of rina to get the weakest target killed, then your skill damager while your Thomas supporting your provoker by healing it.
    just repeat the skill sequence then you will finish it easily.
    Rewards: 75,000 golds

    Top 6
    Dungeon Level 90

    TA Buffs: No Need
    Buy Out: No Need
    Info: Enemies that can one hit your hero because of their high damage specially when they do critical, and they can decrease your damage also but they are immune in disable skills like stun, confuse, and silent.
    One Line:

    (Green Wings) Lvl 88 Talisa, (Green Wings) Lvl 88 Nikita
    Lvl 88 Teddybear Pinky
    Your Key Heroes should be:
    Provoker(Miho, Asssasin King, Viking, or others), + damage hero that can tank(Gok, Magpie(tank items)) and remove negative buffs on allies(Monk, and Thomas)
    Line Up
    Miho(or other provoker heroes), Magpie(or other +damage heroes)
    Back: Thomas(or other remove negative buffs on allies, I chose Thomas since he has high 2 turns heal for a single target), Dark Knight Eric(or other high damager heroes like WKH), Thutmose(or other hero that has -damage or -dex)
    Your first skill should be provoke, then follow by - damage, then -dex, then +damage. If the enemies -your damage you should debuffs all negative buffs from allies,
    Always support you provoker by healing it, -Dex also important since the enemies are three only. Just only deal damage to your enemy by using 1 dealer only,
    This sequence may not take time because you have +damage magpie. Just only repeat the sequence then you will finish it easily.
    Rewards: Random 5* Armor

    See Top 5 to Top 1 to next post..
    Since I encounter an error when I posted maximum characters allowed.
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      continual of my post...
      Top 5 - Top 1

      Top 5
      Dungeon Level 91

      TA Buffs: No Need
      Buy Out: No Need
      Info: This may take time because they have 2 healers and one -damage, but what you need to do is kill first those in the back row.
      Frontline: Lvl 84 Teddybear Pinky, Lvl 84 Teddybear Sky
      Back: (Green Wings) Lvl 84 Chichi, (Green Wings) Lvl 84 Nabi, (Green Wings) Lvl 84 Miya
      Your Key Heroes should be:
      Hero that can buff focus like General Eric, Gen Harold, and other hero that can buff focus
      Line Up
      Gen Eric(or other focus buff heroes), Mighty Ox King(or other tanker that also has -armor)
      Back: Bignose(or other high damager heroes), Monk(or other heroes like thomas that can debuffs all alies), and Agent Magpie(increase damage all back row heroes)
      Strategy: Cast the 'weak target' first where your all heroes will buff with focus so that they can all target the weak heroes, then follow by -armor by dbk, then
      +damage by agent magpie, then Bignose sigle target that is 380% damage to the enemy, much better if your bignose item is crit/crit, then + armor and evasion buffs,
      while your monk is supporting her heal, remember if teddy sky cast -damage, debuffs all your allies. repeat this kind of sequence and you finish the dungeon easily.
      Rewards: 75,000 golds

      Top 4
      Dungeon Level 103

      TA Buffs: Def 20% / HP 20%
      Buy Out: No Need
      Info: High level heroes then with a buffs of increase damage, Bignose Jr can kill your heroes when he do an aoe skill critical. What you need to do here is kill first the 2 support on the back row(listic and faust).
      Lvl 95 Fluxion Schaken, Lvl 95 Fluxion Schaken
      Back: (Green Wings) Lvl 95 Destroyer Faust, Lvl 95 Destroyer Listic, Lvl 95 Bignose Jr
      Your Key Heroes should be:
      Hero that can revive(Rebecca or Ghost Seed), Anubis(-damage and debuffs enemies)
      Line Up
      Gen Eric(or other focus buff heroes), Mighty Ox King(or other tanker that also has -armor)
      Back: Rebecca(or you can use Ghost seed), Anubis(I think this is the best hero to used), Bignose Jr(damage dealer)
      Strategy: Cast evasion first, then -damage enemy, when Bignose debuffs you heroes, case +armor, while Rebecca support her heal, buffs you heroes with focus then -armor the enemies
      and your damager Bignose 380% damage, but remeber when your enemies buffs increase damage, debuffs them using your anubis. Also aways minus their damage every cooldown.
      If someone died, revive your heroes then add def first before attacking. Once the Faust and Listic killed it will be easy to finished it.
      Rewards: Random 5* Armor

      Top 3
      Dungeon Level 100

      TA Buffs: No Need
      Buy Out: No Need
      Info: Magma can One hit your hero, while the Krater can summoned magma, so best thing to do is you may have a immune damage hero and a provoker.
      Lvl 90 Magma, Lvl 90 Magma
      Back: (Green Wings) Lvl 90 Obsidian Krater(it can summon Magma)
      Your Key Heroes should be:
      Combination of Provoke ally infront and ally with immune damage buff(Master Lee, Striker Diego, Belphagor and etc) I used master since he also has stun
      Line Up
      Master Lee(or other heroes that has immune to damage skill), Might Ox King(or other tanker that has -armor)
      Back: Fantastic Show(disabler), Miya(Support Healer when enemies counter attack your allies), Genie(provoke your primary tanker)
      Strategy: The combination of the two heroes provoker and immune to damage is the best thing to do to finish it easily while you have 1 hero to disable magma summoned.
      Then your one healer like miya will support only if the enemies counter attacked.
      Rewards: Random 6* Armor

      Top 2
      Dungeon Level 108

      TA Buffs: Def 20%/HP 20%
      Buy Out: No Need
      Info: Same with Top 4 but this is more difficult, because of the two Ladies in front(avril and rossie), they can kill your deck easily but read the strategy
      to finish it easily.
      (Green Wings) Lvl 95 Avril,(Green Wings) Lvl 95 Succubus Rosie
      Back: (Green Wings) Lvl 95 Bignose Jr
      Your Key Heroes should be:
      Anubis or Thutmose(because of decrease damage, debuff by Anubis while Thutmose -dex because enemies are three only, it easy to remove their buffs)
      You can used Thutmose and combination by debuffs dealer like Archangel Balthazar, and One tanker like Mighty Ox King or Capatain Lak.
      Line Up
      Might Ox King(or other tanker that has -armor), Thutmose(Tanker type)
      Back: Balthazar(debuffer and dealer), Monk(Aoe healer), Miya Fast single target Healer)
      Strategy: Cast minus damage by Thutmose, then Heal By Monk, when Bignose debuffs your heroes, Cast +armor, always heal your tanker since those are the important
      heroes here, it may take time but you can finish it.
      Rewards: 65 carats

      and finally the hardest dungeon from 70-109 is,

      Top 1
      Dungeon Level 107

      TA Buffs: Def 20%/HP 20%
      Buy Out: No Need
      Info: Hardest dungeon I ever encounter if you don't have hero with knock out skill, but once you knock out SFA, you can finish it easily but may need focus buffs.
      (Green Wings)(Frontline) Lvl 95 Sancho, (Green Wings)(Frontline) Lvl 95 Pancho
      Back:(Green Wings) Lvl 95 Gonzalez,(Green Wings) Lvl 95 Fernando, Lvl 95 Space Flying Apophis
      Your Key Heroes should be:
      Heroes can do knock out in 2 turns or in instant(Lancelot, and Heavenly Pigsy ahas the aoe skill that can do that) and Anubis(who can -damage and debffs enemies).
      Line Up
      Mighty Ox King(Or other tanker heroes), Gen Eric(or other focus buff heroes)
      Back: Lancelot(or you can used Pigsy it has additional strategy to do), Monk(or other support aoe healer, best hero is Santa Fernando), Anubis(-damage and debuffs enemies)
      Strategy: -Damage by Anubis, then Lance lot aoe skill with 4% to knock down enemies, then Focus by Gen Eric. After that skill sequence timing it when SFA debuffs your allies,
      Increase your armor while your Support healer heals your heroes, then Anubis debuff enemies. Repeat this skill sequence til SFA successfully knock out instant. then you will finish it
      it easily because of the focus buffs then targeting weakest enemy.
      Rewards: Random 5* Armor

      Thank you for reading my tutorial, I didn't made a tutorial where it is only 10 consecutive floors, but I made it like ranking it, so that those guardians
      who stocked in the lower floor level either high level floor can get an idea how to finish it. Sorry if I'm not good in English Grammar, but hoping my tutorial can help
      you guardians! Happy Gaming!
      Additional info:
      (Green Wings) - this are the enemies who can't disable(stun, confuse, silent, and blind) and also can't knock down, damage per turns. But you can decrease their armor, damage, and focus target..
      Useful Links:
      Chat rules (In-game & Forums):
      New Support Ticket (Reporting):


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        Levels 70-79

        In this guide I will explain the basics to the dungeon higher levels, to be honest I don't have many upgraded Heroes so this is excellent if you are not that strong or you don't have a lot of heroes.

        The basics:

        - provoker: you need a provoker guy, this because many enemies here can one shot kill your dealers or healers so you want them to be protected. (Example: Miho, Assassin King, Genie+tank)

        - protector (damage reduction/armor buff): this is to maintain your party alive, prevent counter kills, extend the life of the provoker. This can be an alternative to the provoker if you have 2 damage reduction/armor buff heroes (example: Demon Beast King, April, Captain Lak)

        - healer: this is a must for almost every floor in the dungeon, here enemies hit very hard so you want someone to repair the damage (Example: Miya, Assassin Queen, Rebecca)

        - buff remover: some guy that can quit, enemy buff, it comes in handy when they start stacking armor or damage buff, to shut down the provoker and remove that annoying heal-over-turn buff (example: Anubis the Jackal, Rocket Lady June, Space Flying Apophis)

        - cleaner: someone that can help cleaning your team from stuns, ice, And other status ailments (example: Maid Emma, Monk Xuanzang, Scarecrow Thomas)

        - stunner: a stunner is very usefull, but remember in higher levels many enemy monsters are immune. Blind, Freeze, Silence and confuse are useful too. Example: Ling Ling, Fantastic Show, Nurse Gale)

        - BIG DEALER: many times having many dealers won't be posible, so I look for one guy that can pull the pain all by itself. Bigger damages usually can lower armor or take out a lot of life in a single blow (example: Veteran Bo, Bignose Jr., queen's fool Yorick, Nurse Gale, Artic Artemis)

        Nice but not necessary

        - InstaDeath: there are only heroes in the game that can do this and those are the Pale Rider and Sir Lancelot, you can use another Hero that can kill over time like Pigsy, Count Toreador but their Death debuff can be healed so the Weird Apocalyptic Helmet Girl or the Bigger than his horse knight are better.

        - Dex: this is very situational can be very usefull sometimes and a crap in other situations (Example: Maid Emma)

        - Focus: this Is always nice, helps you to kill faster (example: General Eric)

        - Immunity: to damage or to spells, this a great way to save many pain in the head but I don't like to rely on them because they can be easily taken down when the buff is out

        - Reviver: sometimes a little accident and your guys are out so a hero who can bring back the dead ones is very useful (Example: Rebecca, Ghost Sead)

        Guide to dungeons lv 70-79

        Lv 70

        Enemy team:

        Dark Listic x 4 and Belphegor

        My team:

        Anubis the jackal 30, Maid Emma 30, Nurse Gale 30 +5, Miya 30 +5 and Big Nose 33 +5

        How to: this Belphegor has a special power that makes all of your team to die if not cleaned so the main thing here is to clean the status, Monk Xuanzang or Scarecrow Thomas clean all the mess with a single power but if you don't have those, you need 2 single target cleaners to keep your team alive. The other problem here is that the Listics here, hit really hard so the first spell you should be casting is the atack de buffs and be ready to heal, it would be nice to have 2 healers here or 2 protectors here. Provoke is usefull here to but since you have to heal/clean everyone here I decided I can do without one. Listics don't have much life so stick to the plan and you will be winning in no time

        Lv 71

        Enemy team: Shadow bomber bat x 4 shade bomber bat

        My team: Anubis the Jackal 30, Miya 30 +5, Avril 30, Veteran Bo 30 +5 and Anubis the embalmer lv 30

        How to: this level is hard if there is not AoE healer on the team, I use first both attack lower spells, again I didn't used a provoker because the damage will be coming to the rest of the party anyway. It's important to take out the attack buff or it will start stacking and we don't want that. They are annoying but not really that strong.

        Lv 72

        Enemy team: Menace Polter-kin x 4 and Ominous Polter-kin

        My team: genie 30, Teddybear Pinky 30 +5, Miya 30 +5, Anubis the jackal 30 and Veteran Bo 30 +5

        How to: just cast provoke and keep your healers/ protectors caring for the provoker, cast the atack debuff. And AoE cleaner comes in handy here because they lower the atack of your party and keep silencing your provoker, if you let the provoke turns off, it's game over for you because they will silence everybody.

        Lv 73

        Enemy team: Grumpy Jaggar x 2, Scarecrow Raul x 2 and Possessed Jacky

        My team: Fantastic Show 30, Miya 30 +5, Anubis 30, Veteran Bo 30 +5 and Nurse Gale 30 +5

        How to: this one is easy, just stun them to death, if you start stunning the jaggars the game is yours, anyway it's good to have some backup because they sometimes wake up and start casting abilities. If you don't have many stunners, another option is to bring up someone that can cast death on the enemy and two defenders. This takes a lot of time but works. If you have someone that can lower the armor and a buff remover you can try to kill them by the force but will take a long because those scarecrows heal a lot.

        Lv 74

        Enemy team: Possessed Nicky x 4 and Possessed Jacky

        My team: Nurse Gale 30 +5, Miya, 30 +5, Anubis the Jackal 30 +5, Fantastic Show 30 and Muai Thai Kuhn 30

        How to: this is another stun and confuse level if you have enough stuns to hold them you already won, if you don't, there is another option, take out the provoker and keep healing, and dealing damage, in this case you want a great damage because they can heal for a 35% And Jacky can cast a anti damage barrier, the barrier problem can be solved with Gale, Genie, or any other guy that can take the buffs out. And remember the heal because Jacky deals good damage specially when it's the only one left.

        Lv 75

        Enemy team: Twilight Bomber Bat x 2, Ominous Polter-kin x 2 and Scarecrow Raul

        My team: Avril 30, Maid Emma 30, Miya 30 +5, Veteran Bo 30 +5 and Nurse Gale 30 +5

        How to: this level needs someone to lower their attack and two cleaners, this is because the Polter-kins can silence you to death so you have to be cleaning both silences, it will be nice if you have an AoE healer because the Bomber Bats can hit everyone in the party. Having a buff remover it's good also because Scarecrow Raul heal it's double. Just get enough support and you will be fine. The provoker is situational here but you can definitely use him, just take another hero with a buff and cast it and wait for Raul to cast hot wind, then cast the provoke and repeat.

        Lv 76

        Enemy team: Menace Polter-kin x 2, Shade Bomber Bat x 2 and Wicked Jaggar

        My team: Avril 30, Veteran Bo 30 +5, Maid Emma, Anubis the Embalmer 30 and Miya 30 +5

        How to: if you have a provoker and enough support this will be easy just bring a hard damage and the game is yours, if you don't have the almighty provoker you need to have two attack debuff/armor buff on your team and a good healer(s) and even if you take four of five spaces in supporting heroes if you have a decent dealer you will eventually win because they don't hit that hard and the Wicked Jaggar heal it's not that good, take in mind that a cleaner it's nice to but to be honest, most of the healer heroes can also clean.

        Lv 77

        Enemy team: Evil Jaggar x 2, Scarecrow Oren, Scarecrow Raul and ominous Polter-kin

        My team: Genie 30, Bignose Jr. 33 +5, Miya 30 +5, Nurse Gale 30, and Fantastic show 30

        How to: this guys are nasty, they lower your atack, they can heal but they are not immune (only the Polter-kin) so you can freeze them, stun them, cast Death on them, etc. it can also be done with an armor debuff and someone to clean the atack debuff on your member teams. The provoke tactic works if you use the buff right after hot wind.

        Lv 78

        Enemy team: Possessed Nicky x 2, Possessed Jacky x 2 and Shade Bomber Bat

        My team: Anubis the Jackal 30, Pale Rider 30, Genie 30, Miya 30 +5 and Veteran Bo 30 +5

        How to: Just use the provoker, in my case I used the anti damage shield, remember its useful but not necessary, the possessed kids hit hard so you need a good sustain and some decent damage to kill them because they heal 35% and the other two pumpkins have an anti damage shield.

        Lv 79

        Enemy team: Succubus Rosie, Stein and Succubus Diandra

        My team: Big Nose Jr. 33 +5, Genie 30, Anubis the Jackal 30, Miya 30 +5 and Fantastic Show 30

        How to: the Succubus are not much of a problem, just stack the attack debuffs and they won't be doing anything, I strongly recommend the use of a provoker here because Stein hits really hard but he has a nice weakness, he is not immune, but you have to be careful, he is strong when the Succubus are out but he becomes a ragging assassin when he is left alone, he gets a lot of turns, debuffs don't last on him and he can take out your entire party all by himself so you need to be ready with that stun so he can't do anything.


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          Levels 80-89

          Lv 80

          Enemy team: Evil Jaggar, Possessed Nicky, Scarecrow Raul, Scarecrow Thomas and Scarecrow Oren

          My team: Miya 30 +5, Anubis the Jackal 30, Nurse Gale 30 +5, Muai Thai Khun 30 and Fantastic Show 30

          How to: this level has only one way to be done, you can't stack buffs, you can use debuffs, you can't provoke, and they can heal around 2000 of damage in 5 seconds so there is only one way to do this, stun them to death, here is a Scarecrow Thomas waiting to heal the stun, but recover takes over 100 seconds in recharging so you have to cast a debuff on the, first and wait him to heal it. Then start stunning, freezing or confusing them. With one stun its not possible, with two stuns it's a little bit hard but not impossible and with three or more stuns it's really easy.

          Lv 81

          Enemy team: Cinnamon, Green Tea Cupcake, Teddybear Grey and Grumpy Jaggar x2

          My team: Anubis the Jackal 30, Miya 30 +5, Teddybear Pinky 30 +5, Genie 30 and Veteran Bo 30 +5

          How to: I used the easiest way here, lower their attack and defense and provoke, this is works awesome because grey can heal only one enemy from status problems, so almost all the time they have debuff on the top of their heads. Another option is to use double stuns because like I said before, Grey can only heal one party member at the time and 3 of them can be easily stunned. The cookie heal it's not that strong but the problem with him is the attack buff, if you use the attack debuff you can ignore it, anyway if you can delete the cookie buff this level it's done.

          Lv 82

          Enemy team: Fernando, Gonzales, Turquoise Artie, Red Artie and Enraged Maudry

          Mi team: Nurse Gale 30 +5, Fantastic Show 30 +5, Anubis the Jackal 30, Miya 30 +5 and Bignose Jr. 33 +5

          How to: this is truly easy, just stun Gonzales and fernando and the level is almost own, you need little support since plants don't hit that hard at all. If you want a tip, take an AoE healer to save the Maudry AoE attack and debuff their attack.

          Lv 83

          Enemy team: Sir Croaker, Lady Arom, Prince Frog x 2 and Ghost Kraken

          My team: Nurse Gale 30 +5, Big Nose 33 +5, Maid Emma 30, Avril 30 and Veteran Bo 30 +5

          How to: 2 cleaners and one attack de buffer make this level really easy, they don't heal so you only need to survive long enough and they will fall eventually, a stunner can help you also because prince frogs and sir croaker are not immune.

          Lv 84

          Enemy team: Teddybear Sky, Assassin Jack, Assassin Queen, Assassin Ace and Assassin King

          My team: Bignose Jr. 33 +5, Avril 30, Miya 30 +5, Viking Lodbrock 30, Veteran Bo 30 +5

          How to: the assassin team it's not that good, the Queen heal it's not that good, you only need one cleaner because there is only one stun, you don't need a provoker because the not so smart Teddybear usually hits the front hero and you can use a tank or hybrid there and most of the heroes can survive if you use the attack debuff or the armor buff.

          Lv 85

          Enemy team: Shade Bomber Bar x 4 and Succubus Diandra

          My team: Avril 30, Bignose 33 +5, Viking Lodbrock 30, Veteran Bo 30 +5 and Miya 30 +5

          How to: Another level that only needs an armor buff/attack debuff and a clean. I done this level with a single target healer but an AoE healer will make this level really really easy.

          Lv 86

          Enemy team: Space Flying Apophis and Space Flying Tudede

          My team: Avril 30, Bignose 33 +5, Viking Lodbrock 30, Veteran Bo 30 +5 and Miya 30 +5

          How to: just take one cleaner and one attack debuffer, if you don't make it with only one, put another one in your team, Tudede and Apophis don't have much dexterity so the debuff you use on them will remain a little, just take them fast enough and you will be fine.

          Lv 87

          Enemy team: Franken and Evil Jaggar x 2

          My team: Muai Thai Kuhn 30, Fantastic Show 30, Anubis the Jackal 30, Nurse Gale 30 +5 and Bignose Jr. 33 +5

          How to: this level can't be endured or supported because stein hits very hard and hits many times, all your stuns and something to take out buffs so the pumpkins can't save Franken from your stuns and maintain your stuns ready so they nobody get the chance to attack. The freezing debuff it's another option to hit the pumpkins so the provoke won't matter at all.

          Lv 88

          Enemy team: Rocket King Toad and Rocket Lady June

          My team: Avril 30, Anubis the Jackal 30, Bignose Jr. 33 +5, Veteran Bo 30 +5 and Miya 30 +5

          How to: the first thing here is to survive, don't worry if you need 2 attack debuffers and 2 healers, just get enough support to survive the frog discharge rocket skill. This level tactic it's plain simple, survive first hit latter.

          Lv 89

          Enemy team: Jju, Ryu and Master Lee

          My team: Avril 30, Bignose Jr. 33 +5, Anubis the Jackal 30, Miya 30 +5 and Veteran Bo 30 +5

          How to: just stack attack debuffs on the top of their head and bring a healer and you will be fine, if you bring a stun Lee won't be able to so anything father the other two turtles are defeated.


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            Levels 90-99

            (from this part and the next parts I will suggest heroes not for every position or not to be taken all at once but having one or two will help a lot, again please take in mind that my team and heroes i suggest are only that, suggestions, you don't really need them to pass the levels but they make everything easier)

            Lv 90

            Enemy team: Nikita, Teddybear Pinky and Talissa

            My team: Avril 30, Anubis the Jackal 30, Bignose Jr. 33 +5, Nurse Gale 30 +5 and Miya 30 +5

            How to: they decided to stack attack debuffs on the top of your heroes it's the best way to win.... And they are right, but don't worry, they are not so strong to be honest, you just need to do the same and heal and you will win with the time since they don't have a single heal, the only problem here is the immune debuff of the Teddybear pinky, because of it you can't lower her attack but many hero in this game clean buffs so grab one or two (if you don't like to wait) and kill them. Good heroes for this battle: Thomas or Xuanzang are the very best heroes here, if you have a Nurse for cleaning the shield and Viking Lodbrock, Veteran Bo or Rocket King Toad for lowering armor

            Lv 91

            Enemy team: Miya, Chichi, Nabi, Teddybear Sky and Teddybear Pinky

            My team: Veteran Bo 30 +5, Miya 30 +5, Bignose Jr. 33 +5, Nurse Gale 30 +5 and Genie 30

            How to: to be honest when I first saw this level I was like "how cute, they will kill me with cuteness alone" and thought that the problem on this level was going to be the support from Miya and Chichi but the problem here it's not them (they only heal 10% every 90 seconds) it was that the Teddybear Pinky lowered my damage and shielded from debuffs not only herself but her blue pal too. But in the end that was what caused her demise, the cool downs of the entire enemy team are awfully long, so what you can do it's tanking one provoker, one sustainer and one buff remover, and use the rest as damage, if you surpass (even with the attack debuff) the heals done by Chichi and Miya in damage, you will win. Cute heroes for this battle Miho, assassin King (provoker that can be used as tanks), Anubis the embalmer (heals and removes buffs) Xuangzang and Thomas (heals and AoE cleans) Any Nurse (the buff remover skill is wonderful for this level)

            Lv 92

            Enemy team: Marine Brian, M244 turret and Marine Jimmy

            My team: Avril 30, Genie 30, Maid Emma 30, Miya 30 +5 and Bignose Jr. 33 +5

            How to: this level needs a tanky provoker and many support, this because the turret improves the focus of the enemy party and since they are only 3 the buffs last for less time so the provoke ends before you can use it again, they also get many turns so it's good to have a dexterity debuff in the team and a big heal because their attacks really hurt. I think the best way to to this again is having enough support and a BIG dealer. Plus, the time when the provoke it's out its luck, the first time I tried this level, the provoke turn out and Marine Jimmy killed my Avril in a single critical shot. Great heroes for this battle: Maid Emma for both dexterity debuff and clean/heal, Avril for atack debuffer (Anubis, June or something else will work to but taking out the focus it's not necessary if using a provoker) and Rebecca because she can revive and heal.

            Lv 93

            Enemy team: Fluxion Schaken x 2, Destroyer Faust, Destroyer Listic and Bignose Jr.

            My team: Anubis the Jackal 30, Miya 30 +5, Viking Lodbrock 30, Bignose Jr. 33 +5 and Genie 30

            How to: this level Fluxion Schaken has two shields for damage and for spells so you really want to bring someone that can remove buffs or two, someone to lower their attack also because they hit hard, not as hard as the Marines in the last level but hard anyway. Need a provoker otherwise you need much more support, anyway this level can be done with no provoker but it's a lot harder. Suggested heroes for this level: Anubis the Jackal it's the king here, he can take out all the buffs here and lower attack, Nurses are also great here for the same reason, Florence can heal and the out the debuff and Genie because he can turn anyone into a provoker and you can pick someone better than Miho for the task this way.

            Lv 94

            Enemy team: Belphegor and Asmodeus

            My team: Bignose Jr. 33 +5, Anubis the Jackal 30, Miya 30 +5, Avril 30 and Maid Emma 30

            How to: this level has Belphegor with outcry, a power that kills all your team in 7 turns, to solve this you need at least 2 buff removers or Mong Xuanzang/ Scarecrow Thomas if you don't have enough cleaners, the outcry will kill at least one team member and you are pretty much done for. They also have 3 AoE attacks that hit very hard, either armor buff or attack debuff works but you need both or two of a kind to survive, I used 2 attack debuff and the evasion from Bignose Jr. Plus the Dex debuff of Maid Emma to keep them from attacking to much and keeping the debuffs on their site. Also someone that takes out the Armor of evil would be nice but take in mind that the lower the Cooldown of the buff remover attack, the better (in this case Gale's needle shot it's better than Apophis's evademic ability. Powerful heroes for this level: Monk Xuanzang or Scarecrow Thomas (this duo it's powerful due to their AoE clean in almost everywhere but specially here) Gale and Genie for buff removing skills, Maid Emma for Dex/heal/clean powers.

            Lv 95

            Enemy team: Sir Ribbit, Sir Croaker, Prince Frog, Rocket King Toad and Rocket Lady June

            My team: Bignose 33 +5, Miya 30 +5, Maid Emma 30, Anubis the Jackal 30 and Genie 30

            How to: this level has 4 frogs that only are there to kill, they load 300% of damage in each hit so yes you need a provoker. What I do to provoke in this kind of levels is to use another buff and then when June launches Bewitching Pose to clean it I use the provoke. This level needs two attack debuffers and one healer or two healers and one attack debuffer, this because they manage to hit even harder than the Belphegor and Asmodeus in the past level. Just keep stacking debuffs and you will win. Wonderful heroes for this level: Anubis and Avril wills tear of this level, Rebecca, Xuangzang and Anubis the embalmer for the AoE heals and Maid Emma especially for the Dex debuff.

            Lv 96

            Enemy team: Frank, Stein and Scarecrow Thomas

            My team: Avril 30, Pale Rider 30, Maid Emma 30, Anubis the Jackal 30 and Miya 30 +5

            How to: ok, I have to be honest about this level, I just go trough this level with luck, I killed Frank and Stein in 7 divine apocalypse (of course I tried this level like a hundred times before) that's the reason of my team build because I didn't had any armor buff or AoE healer to fend myself. Please ignore it unless you have Pale Rider and don't have anything of the next. This level Thomas has a new AoE that can take down your entire team in 2'or three hits so it's really necessary to have armor buffs or in its defect two attack debuff in your team and have one debuff active all the time, you also need an AoE healer. Stuns work after Thomas has used recover but I won't suggest it because it will wore of quickly and you can't really on hitting the right enemy. With armor and enough heals you will be good. Or try the same ass me if you are patient enough.

            I got to lv 96 in the time of the contest, i will be up dating the next levels just for fun another day


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              Originally posted by Fincon J View Post
              Greetings Guardians!

              Dungeon Guide Levels 130 ~ 140:
              • 1st Place: 500 Carats
              • 2nd Place: 400 Carats
              • 3rd Place: 300 Carats
              • Tier 1 Participants: 50 carats
              • Tier 2 Participants: 20 carats
              Dungeon Guide Levels 110 ~ 129:
              • 1st Place: 400 carats
              • 2nd Place: 300 carats
              • 3rd Place: 200 carats
              • Tier 1 Participants: 50 carats
              • Tier 2 Participants: 20 carats
              No one passed an entry for this
              If only I knew the enemies here I can give a guide about these dungeon levels.
              Anyway Goodluck to us participants.
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                Thanks to everyone that participated! We're working on gathering all the info and winners + carats will be announced shortly! Possibly early next week at the latest! =)
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                  I got 200c ! Thanks!
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                    Thanks Fincon J. - Raijin


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                      Hi Sir/GM Fincon J. I joined this event but i didn't receive any carat i this event. Hope for your reply Thank You

                      IGN: Saintanas
                      Server: Armon