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This is unfair! I want it changed!

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  • This is unfair! I want it changed!

    ZOMG <blank> IS SO UNFAIR!!! FINCON YOU MUST CHANGE NOW!!!!!!1!!1!!!one!!

    I see a lot of these sorts of comments, here and in-game, and I hear the peanut gallery (you know who you are) that chime in with support too. But the truth remains this: Hello Hero is a super random game. That's the entire basis of the game; randomness. Everything. That's Hello Hero. It's random.

    Randomness aside, "fair" is relative. What is unfair is only what you think is unfair. It's just how -you- feel about something. Wanting something that someone else has, and going so far as to complain about it, while unfair from your perspective, can appear to be selfish and jealous to other people's perspective.

    Instead of rant and complain, It makes more sense to put forth an intelligently-worded appeal, and receive likewise support, to petition for a change you believe is better for everyone (Fincon too). That's going to get taken much more seriously than a tirade.

    As far as Fincon changing anything: I've been playing since shortly after launch and every change I've seen has overall been an improvement. With each update, it becomes easier and easier to achieve things that once were considered basically impossible. If somebody was playing before you and got something you don't have, you can rest assured that you have double that many advantages over them by reaching whatever point after however many updates.

    As far as special events: these are exactly that; special events. The entire point of special events is for them to be special. You may have missed a special event and think it's unfair but the other people who did make the event are happy to have something special they put forth effort or were lucky enough to receive. One beauty of Fincon is that they like to repeat special events so if you missed one, you can just wait.

    if something still just really doesn't feel right to you, suggest it to be changed. Sit down and write down, calmly, why you think it should be changed. Explain who it benefits and why, even talk about any potential problems you see so they can be addressed by other players. Put forth an honest suggestion, and be polite about it. If enough players show support and it's actually a good idea, it is going to be considered then.

    If you would like to make a suggestion
    Click here to go to the Suggestions Category

    May the force be with you.

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    the most challenging part is too wait for the special event to come again,im glad i tried to play this game.


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      I was just about to rant on about how unfair the mutation event is for 5* and 4* heroes, after reading this thread, I changed my mind, I'll just leave a comment instead.
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        Dude, what happened to your website? I can't access it.
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