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  • [Read before posting]Rules!

    Hey guys, nobody likes crazy amounts of rules so lets keep this simple. These are only here to help promote a friendly environment for all players to enjoy and have fun at the same time.

    Spam will not be tolerated. It'll be easier on everyone if there aren't four conversations on the same topic going at once. If you're not sure what sub-forum to post a thread in, just say so in the post. They're movable and we(the mods) will do it for you. Double posting is not appropriate. Neither in most cases is *bumping* either.

    The admin staff will do it on occasion to remind people of an ongoing event, but that is strictly on a limited-case by case basis.

    Do not make threads saying things such as: This is my referral ID, I am on XYZ Server, you will get CARATS if you ADD ME!. I am not saying to not put your referral code, just don't make it as a thread, there is something called "signature", which appears at the end of every post you make, you can go and put your referral code over there.

    The majority of the questions are already answered in the FAQ or sticky threads, if not do some research in forums before posting your question, there might be someone else that had the same question as you and has already been answered. When regarding to Boss raid tips and Items please refer to the section of Guides/Strategies, link right here

    Don't post threads such as "Recruiting people for my guild" in the suggestion/feedback section. There is a reason why we have sub-forums, please use them correctly.

    I am not saying you need to be best friends for evah with every member of the forums, but don't be vocal about it if you don't. Let's avoid arguments and derogatory comments to promote a friendly and helpful environment for all players.

    Abstain yourself of using inappropriate language, it can cause misunderstanding between members leading to an unwanted result. If you do use this language we will change your post content and will receive a warning, if you continue to do so it will result in a permanent Ban, please be aware.

    Some of us are adults and quite mature, while others are much younger and haven't been exposed to as many things. To keep this forum a nice environment for everyone regardless of age and maturity, please keep posts free of profanities and sexual content. If a questionable post is found, moderators may edit or delete it without notice, and you may or may not approve of what we change your post to.

    We're pretty lax about most things and we don't mind if things get a bit off-topic and chatty, but try to solve the original issue of the thread to help the thread creator with their problem before going off about what you did over spring break. We like to see members actively communicating and befriending one another, but please keep in mind the original purpose of the thread while you do it.

    If you need any further help feel free to contact us through Pms(Private Message) or through our profile messages.
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    Make this a sticky thread sir. Thank you.
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      Did the post, forgot to stick it lol, thanks!

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      NP man!

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    nice talking , i really don't like the improper talking that has been in the hello hero main chat , i hope you guys make mute system for ppl who use such words ^^ and thanks
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      We are currently working on that

      If you have any inconvenience in the game chat please take a screen shot and send it to the Hello Hero support so we can take action.

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    Hey can you add don't post referal link =p? This will escalate quickly XD! Just tell them to put referal link in signature like panda =D

    or put a Referal sub-forum x.x?
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      I like that.

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    A suggestion should eliminate him accounts of those who took the diamond bug because if they have played arena diamonds to be won first in the rankings and which should win if they are fair. I hope my suggestion and pass em as much as the new and old server please. They appreciate your understanding.


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      Sir FinconMilo,
      here's my report
      file:///C:/Users/pctimer2/Desktop/111.jpg file:///C:/Users/pctimer2/Desktop/1111.jpg file:///C:/Users/pctimer2/Desktop/11111.jpg


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          So aren't there any warning when forum posts gets deleted? It is not mentioned here and kinda get the gist why my post got deleted (posted a gm account screenie?) but was expecting a message on what rule got violated.
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            I have a problem regarding chat ban. Would it be possible to notify the reason, time and day of the offense if ever one gets chat banned? I always get banned from chat lately and I don't know the reason why. I've never clear nor say bad words in chat rooms. I get shocked every time I get chat banned. I think my hellohero is hacked or something. Somebody might be using it. It might be beneficial, not just for me, but for others also that they get notified everytime they get banned. Hoping your response Fincon. Thank you.


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              these rules aply for the mods too?

              The mods should be more nice in their response, idk but I posted something and automatically the post was closed, I posted again in the topic that he/she gave me and it was move to the original closed post and I can't say anything about the topic like I already did what you told me or thanks for the info that's very frustating.
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                  AlluringGhost @Hey mr! Kindly send your screenshot via Ticket/Support link below my signature. We cant ban ppl here. CS will do it for you. Just select "Report a player".
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