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HH The Cold Betrayal Part II Update! - Patch Notes

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  • HH The Cold Betrayal Part II Update! - Patch Notes

    Greetings Guardians!

    Many moons ago, there was a ruler who was equal parts beautiful and fair. However, she lost control of her inner magic powers and her loving sister. In order to rescue her younger sister, she allowed Asmodeus to take control over her. Eventually, all she came across turned into black ice. Now she has made her way back to the land of Armon!

    Prepare for the Cold Betrayal Part II: Return of the Ice Queen!

    The biggest piece of the latest update is the continuation of the Glacial Mode with 5 New Continents to explore!

    • Frozen Abandoned Advance Base
    • Frozen Ghastly Pumpkin Village
    • Frozen Far Far East
    • Frozen Hero City
    • Frozen Land of the Queen
    As with the previous continents, there are different missions within each map. Each specific mission will drop different rewards and cost a different amount of Stamina as well.

    You may have noticed a completely new continent called Frozen Land of the Queen! Here’s a look at all the New Heroes you can recruit from this specific continent!

    These Heroes can be found in the new missions as well as in other parts of the new update!

    The Ice Queen has also brought with her a completely new set of Items as well!

    With the New Heroes comes a new set of Collections! Check it out in the Collection section of Hello Hero! These Items and accessories can be obtained in the Frozen Land of the Queen continent!

    Enhancements have been…enhanced!

    Rather than each Enhancement level being 3 levels, they will be increased to a total of 5 levels!

    1st Enhancement: 33 > 35
    2nd Enhancement: 36 > 40
    3rd Enhancement: 39 > 45

    ***The amount of experience and time required to level each Hero has been reduced and adjusted as well! Your Hero levels will automatically be adjusted to fit the new ‘Enhancement Levels’ after the update.

    Onyx Dungeon Improvements!

    • You now have the option to “Leave Party” in the Attack Party deck
    • You must have at least 5 Heroes in your Attack Party in order to participate in the Onyx Dungeons
    • For a certain amount of gold, you will now be able to rematch an opponent’s Defense Party
    • A guide to the Vitality bar has been added in the ‘Start Battle’ menu
    • The Vitality icon has been added to the Onyx Dungeon lobby
    • You can now recover ‘Vitality’ and revive an ‘Attack Party’s Hero’ in the Onyx Dungeon lobby
    • The previous deck’s name has been added
    Mama Chicken Improvements!

    Chickens Rush! Cooldown time increased from 23 seconds to 30 seconds
    Chick Blitz! Cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 40 seconds
    **The Chick Blitz! Skill will also increase the summons from one baby chicken to 4 baby chickens

    Other Improvements

    Treasure Hunt: you will now be able to preview information about each Treasure Hunt before entering by clicking on the icon

    Honor Points:
    • You will now be able to receive and send Honor Points with one click
    • Instead of the Random 1~3 Honor Points received, it is now fixed to 2 Honor Points
    • You cannot use the one click ‘receive all’ when Honor Points have reached the maximum limit
    Item Crafting Improvements:

    Crafting Fragments Inventory has been increased from a maximum of 99 to 999

    Gear up and get ready for battle fellow Guardians! There will be new continents to explore and new Heroes to recruit!

    Happy Gaming!
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    thank you for all your efforts.please continue to watch over hello hero....and also, is the item removal set in stone to be 8m without any discount event? xp
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      Where's the part1?


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        Let it go let it go... i hope ice queen is not a dealer.

        Kevin part 1 is now,

        @Fincon J.. i was looking forward to a linberk mansion map where wkh faces dylan... :/
        And also i hope that after the update you solve the "crash issue" and the game lagging and eventually exiting after a few mins.


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          Also please. More item slots, we need that..


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            Will be some drops in all missions or will be useless and dropless as now? The efforts to win in a glacial mission is big and you just get gold... Not fair at all.


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              Can you give us the system requirements for android? as of now 1gb ram can't handle hello hero. The ram consumption peaks at onyx dungeons, i can only do 2 to 3 floors then it force close the app.
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                Originally posted by ryezen View Post
                Also please. More item slots, we need that..
                I agree with this, we need more item slots or a way to buy slots
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                  Instead of more item slots, can we please have more ways to get 6* equipment like fusing 5* equipment or converting 5* fragments to 6* fragments?


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                    When will this all happen?


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                      Fincon, I think the 30-35-30-45 enhancements will make us lose more players. why? because it make the gap between the weak and strong ones very huge. (and lucky vs unlucky)


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                        lol i love how it shows that the HH player has 40 stamina and 28585 energy Can't wait for the new hero's


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                          Originally posted by ryezen View Post
                          Fincon, I think the 30-35-30-45 enhancements will make us lose more players. why? because it make the gap between the weak and strong ones very huge. (and lucky vs unlucky)
                          True, but i think they'll re adjust the experience gain just to what is indicated above. plus i do believe they'll be giving away more free legendary heroes (i hope). For other players to catch up, especially to the ones who will start anew.

                          though i believe this kind of level bracketing has a lot of pros and cons.

                          For example arena, this kind of level bracketing will benefit dealers in the arena as dealers gain more attack damage, 1 enhancement level (level 35) can kill a team with max enhancements because firepower has been increased. the drawback is when you face tanks like generic and hybrids with decent amount of armor which is likely very hard to kill.

                          in boss raids, there will be a huge gap in scores if for example you're on the same bracket and player 1 has 3rd enhanced heroes and player 2 only has 2nd enhanced heroes.

                          but all these are just assumptions and we have to play it first to know what kind of gap (if any) will arise once this update push through.
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                            the giveaways made old players quit. i remember the time when level 33 sorc isis was a goddess in the arena


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                              By the way, when you mean to say the hero levels will be adjusted to fit the new enhancement levels. Will this mean all our level 39 heroes will be level 45 after the update?
                              IGN: GTskye
                              Guild: GTadik
                              Server: Keronic