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HH Season V - The Dawn of Evolution! Patch Notes pt. 2.1

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  • HH Season V - The Dawn of Evolution! Patch Notes pt. 2.1

    Greetings Guardians!

    The long awaited second part of the Season 5 Patch notes are here! It's so big that we had to split it up into two parts!

    Let’s continue the sneak peek on all that is to come!

    Part I.

    The biggest update to the latest Season is the Introduction of the 7* Heroes!

    With this Hero Grade, called Ancient Epic, comes a whole new system to recruit them!

    Now all Legendary Heroes can be evolved to 7* Ancient Epic Heroes!

    Let’s look at how the Evolution system works!

    After clicking on the Evolution button, you have two options to ‘evolve’ a Legendary Hero! The first is through the Powerful Evolution Stone and the second is through the Unknown Evolution Stone. These two options have different outcomes to take note!

    Powerful Evolution Stone:

    When evolving a Hero using these stones, the Hero stays the same and simply becomes a higher grade. The Hero’s Items and Ascension skills also stay intact.

    Unknown Evolution Stone

    When evolving a Hero using these stones, you will receive a completely Random Hero of a higher grade. However, unlike the Powerful Evolution Stones, the Items and Ascension skills do not stay with your new, Random Hero.

    Part II.

    With the arrival of 7* Heroes, there is a need for stronger Items as well!

    That is why we are also introducing to you the Evolution of 7* Items!

    Items can now be evolved as well!

    Just like the Hero Evolution, there are two types of Item Evolution as well – Fixed and Random

    With the Fixed Item Evolution, you simply need to put the Item that you want to be evolved in the first slot as shown

    The remaining items used to evolve can be random, but must be the same grade as the item you are evolving.

    With the Random Item Evolution, you can select any weapon or armor of the same grade and it will evolve into a completely random item of higher grade.

    Both these options will create the 7* Item!

    To be continued!
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    Can we also evolve accessories?
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      1- The max lvl cap for heroes 7* is lvl 30?
      2- How about the disarming costs?
      3- The new nightmare mode is a new continent? like: Normal>Onyx>Glacial>Nightmare?
      4- How much stages does nightmare mode has?
      5- You didn't show the prizes for complete them.
      6- You just forgot to say that if the hero reaches the maximum ammount of heroes in stach, the new hero received in the mission will be at inbox mail.
      7- About the new costs of gold paying via carats has lowered.

      8... and a lot of other stuffs that are missing...
      9-it needs a PART3 of this.