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HH Season V - The Dawn of Evolution! Patch Notes pt. 2.2

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  • HH Season V - The Dawn of Evolution! Patch Notes pt. 2.2

    and the Patch Notes continue...

    Part III.

    The stronger Heroes and Items were created for a reason! It seems that the Keronic forces have gotten stronger as well!

    Introducing, the new Nightmare Mode!

    Through the cold, comes the darkest fears and evil!

    Although the missions get significantly more difficult, the rewards are greater as well! You can now obtain Onyx Coins as well!

    PART IV.

    Mission mode gameplay has been improved as well!

    You can now repeat the same mission as many times as you want with the click of a button!

    To help you on your quest to evolve, we’ve added more Hero EXP packs as well!

    Part V.

    Hero and Carat Packages have been added and updated!

    1). Legendary Hero Recruit

    Each day, you can purchase a Legendary Hero with 500 carats! The Hero you recruit will be one of the 5 shown. Once one Hero from the 5 is recruited, he is not available for the rest of the day. If you wish to recruit (at random) one of the remaining 4 Heroes, you may do so at a cost of 700 carats.

    You have a daily limit of 5 purchases of this per day, with each purchase costing more than the previous.
    Once your daily limit has been reached, you will be notified when attempting to make another purchase.

    2). Special Hero Recruit Chance

    Every 3 days, there will be a special Hero Recruit Package that pops up for 6 hours at a time.

    This package contains the maximum of 1500 carats as well as a Legendary Hero!

    Don’t miss your chance to take advantage and receive a Legendary Hero with carats!

    3). Special Carat Packages

    There is also a new Special Carat Package system that is available once per account

    It is a level system where each Carat Package must be purchased for you to be eligible to purchase the next.

    ***Please note that this Special Carat Package can be purchased only ONCE per account so choose when to purchase them wisely!***

    4). Hero Recruit Shop

    You now have the option to recruit a random 2* ~ 4* Hero from the shop each day. This carat recruit can be done 5 times per day before it is reset.

    5). Stones of Evolution have been added to the Shop as well!

    As with the Hero Recruits, these stones can be purchased up to 5 times per day.

    6). Mutation cost has been lowered as well

    With the additional gold that can be purchased in the Shop, we’ve discounted the price of Mutation for all our Guardians!

    Part VI.

    1) Mission Clear Assistance!

    Is there a difficult mission that you just cannot seem to pass? Now there’s an option to view the deck of fellow Guardians who cleared the mission!

    2). Continent Boss Guild Buffs

    You can now purchase guild buffs for specific Continent Bosses

    Too much to grasp? Don’t worry! With the latest Season, we’re confident there will be much more to do so what are you waiting for?

    Gear up and get started!

    Happy Gaming!
    Chat Rules to Live By (game & forum) ~
    New Support Ticket (can be used to report players) ~

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    1- The max lvl cap for heroes 7* is lvl 30?
    2- How about the disarming costs?
    3- The new nightmare mode is a new continent? like: Normal>Onyx>Glacial>Nightmare?
    4- How much stages does nightmare mode has?
    5- You didn't show the prizes for complete them.
    6- You just forgot to say that if the hero reaches the maximum ammount of heroes in stach, the new hero received in the mission will be at inbox mail.
    7- About the new costs of gold paying via carats has lowered.

    8... and a lot of other stuffs that are missing...
    9-it needs a PART3 of this.

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      Hello fincon. I'm having trouble with my hh account. At first it had this problem (on the photo) then I reinstalled it but I can no longer retrieve my account. Can you please help me recover my account? I really do love your game and I've been longing to play it for days. Please help me fincon. IGN= Blue0114 SERVER= WUKONG
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        How do i get the bonus 6 star hero ? Because i purchase 6 star heroes , 500 carats each . Now i forgot to get the 6 star hero . Now how can i get the bonus 6 star hero ? Vnow that i don't have 5k carats ?


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          I want your response response frenemy admin regardless about my mistake to purchase your 6 star heroes bonus earlier .


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            I want your response about purchasing your 6 star heroes . And i didn't get your bonus 6 star hero .


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              my server is BALOS and my name of my account is DENIZENS .


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                I will wait for your response FRENEMY ADMIN regardless about this matter .


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                  Not cool Fincon - tried buying the 2nd last one-time package for 645 carats and it ended up costing double what the stated price initially was.

                  Fix this ASAP.
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                    Thanks a lot for attached the images here. Looks fantastic.


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                      Why does Hello Hero in my phone don't work after I update it .. It only says "unfortunately Hello Hero RPG tm has stopped" !! What the heck is wrong ?!


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                        Hello fincon, please help me with my problem in my hh account. After I update my hh in its latest edition I can't open my hh acount.. First it is stuck in this( the first picture with white background) and then the game will exit and it says (in the second picture) please help me fincon I really love this game it is the only app I play everyday since last week ..please help me fincon. IGN:carjack SERVER:Wukong