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T7 random or fixed.... Bo & Avril next on chopping block

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  • T7 random or fixed.... Bo & Avril next on chopping block

    Currently sitting on a lv 45 Bo and lv 45 Avril. Gold in the bank already saved up for a quick 45-50 upgrade. Question is do I evolve them or drop the random hammer.

    Brass tax with Bo, always liked him but i always tend to use MOK when a -def debuff is needed. Avril shes one of 3 -atk debuff's i posses "anubis and his lame brother thutmose being the other 2"

    Thoughts and opinions please

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    Hi David,

    I avoid these dilemmas by only enhancing and leveling BR heroes (WKH, DKE, Monk, Thomas, Emma, Miho, Yui, Ice Queens, Yorick, Kali) and heroes that are useful for dungeons (like Anubis, MOK). If you have the gold, i would have used it for mutating.

    As you said, MOK > Bo for the - armor and Anubis > Avril for the - attack so i would random evolve them and hope for something good if you're dead set on evolving them.

    Good luck.


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      Thx for the info omni


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        Some guys said, without Avril is so pretty hard to clear high level dungeons (300+) I dont't know, if it's such, but hope, my Dark Lord Belial will help me.
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          It's up to you. If you use them, fixed, if you don't, random. The thing about Avril is that she's useful when you need attack debuffs and the opposing side has no buffs.


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            Just picked up my 5th avril so im gonna spend the 10 mil and push her to 50. Cant decide with random or fixed. You guys didnt help all that much...