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HH Happy Summer Update - Patch Notes

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  • HH Happy Summer Update - Patch Notes

    Greetings Guardians!

    With the arrival of summer comes the need for a few tweaks to our Hello Hero world!

    Let’s take a look at all the things that will be improved with our latest mini-update!

    I). Purchase Previously Acquired Heroes (2★ and below)

    **Event Heroes cannot be purchased through this option

    II). Hero Level-Up

    We’ve updated our Level-Up option a bit as well! You can now level-up Heroes that have not been mastered as well!

    Heroes that have been previously enhanced can be leveled up as well!
    Eg: You can level-up a Hero that has been enhanced once to level 35!

    III). Time Attack floors have been increased from 30 to 40!

    IV). Daily Quests Improvement

    Daily Quest Tips have been added!

    You can click on the “?” to check out tips on how to complete the quest.

    Boss type icons added when entering each stage

    Various other improvements and fixes to the Daily Quests!

    V). Special Hero Recruit Update

    The original plan was for it to be completely random. However, we have revamped the system to show in the following order:

    White Knight Harold ~> Dark Knight Eric ~> Ice Queen Jessica ~> Dark Ice Queen Jessica ~> Ronin Ishida ~> Ronin Datte ~> Ronin Oda ~> Monk Xuanzang ~> Miho ~> Demon Beast King ~> Scarecrow Thomas ~> Santa Fernando ~> Rebel Kali ~> Maid Emma

    Now you can know when the Hero you want is going to be available for purchase!

    IV). Other Small Improvements and Upgrades

    Hero Upgrade times have been shortened as well so that you can create the strongest Heroes in less time!

    The same 6★ and 7★ Hero cannot be in the same party deck at any time.

    The option to move onto the next Dungeon floor has been added to the Normal Dungeons.

    The Tutorial has been tweaked and simplified!!

    The issue where stamina and energy was incorrectly deducted has been fixed as well.

    The “Do Not Show This Again Today” pop-up issue has been resolved too!

    We hope this small adjustments and tweaks will make the gameplay more enjoyable for all our Guardians! We'll also be bringing the party this month, so stay tuned!

    As always,

    Happy Gaming!
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    Fincon j, do you update the BP boss?,,,,its like a bug ,,1 run takes 1 night with Ronin hero


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      What about fixing action points 7*?
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