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    Why am i Chat Banned for Life??? Even in every Updates of Hello Hero i was automatically Chat Banned after those Updates... Can you PLEASE explain why i was Chat Banned, FinCon...

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    Here is some info about this same exact thing, from a previous thread (found by searching "banned"):

    Originally posted by lithe333 View Post
    the people who ban people are not in this forum.

    they ban people only with proof such as a screenshot.

    I don't think they have the time to give everyone proof like that..

    Rather than trying to find out what was the 1 thing that you were banned for,
    I suggest you don't break the rules in general

    And also this (another post in the long list of nearly identical threads):

    Originally posted by TheBeard View Post
    This is how it goes every single time.

    Player: waah i was banned. i never break any rules. i demand to know why!!

    One of us: ummm, you did some really bad stuff. here is the proof (because we always have proof).

    Player: oooohhhh okay you caught me maybe i did a couple bad things.

    One of us: ..................

    In light of my vast experience with these sort of issues, I'm going to go ahead and close this topic down. We already know where this is going.

    If you would like more info about your ban, file a support ticket.

    Ticket link is in my signature

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