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Carat Purchasing Guide

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  • Carat Purchasing Guide

    This guide are for the Guardians who wants purchase but having a hard time to do so.

    [Option #1] Google play / Apple Card / Facebook card
    Step 1: Secure your Google Play store account / apple itunes account /facebook account

    Step 2: Buy your Google Play Card / iTunes card / Facebook card to your nearest Gamestore/Supermarket/Malls. (Safeway, gamestop, walmart, 711 and bestbuy)
    If your in the Philippines you can get your Apple iTunes card into an Applestore or Datablitz store (videogamestore)

    Step 3: Scratch the back of the card, input the pin in your account "redeem code"(it's the same for google/apple account) It's like you're topping up for other game account. After successfully topping up, your google play / apple account will notify you how much credit/money you have in your account.

    Step 4:Purchase the carats in-game.

    Google Play Card Denominations:

    $10 $15 $25 $50

    iTunes Card Denominations:

    $10 $15 $25 $50

    [Option #2]

    MOL points

    Step 1 : Register an account for your MOL points

    Step 2 : Load up your MOL account with points
    *for US you can load up to your nearest 7-11 store
    *for Philippines you can load up to LOAD CENTRAL/ Netopia / Globe / SMART or through banks.
    *for Malaysia you can load up to MOL points cybercafes and 711.

    Step 3:

    Log into Hello Hero using your PC (because you can only use MOL points via PC)
    Select the amount of carats you want to buy.

    [Option #3]

    Using your phone bill for payment. You will just have to link your phone to facebook, and it will be credited to your billing statement.

    [Option #4]

    Linking your debit/credit card to your apple account / google account / facebook account.
    This is by far the easiest way.

    Enjoy your carats!

    Happy gaming!
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