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[GUIDE]Hello Hero on Ubuntu Derivatives

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  • [GUIDE]Hello Hero on Ubuntu Derivatives

    Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As we have all known, we need to install Unity Web Player in order for us to play Hello Hero on our favorite Browsers. Sure it was an easy pissy task to spare so we could fully enjoy this remarkable game but for Linux Users, there is quite a big complication. Unity Web Player as of now has NO LINUX SUPPORT. Bummer right?

    Good thing a group of good lads have came up on a solution, introducing the


    Pipelight is a package that lets you run Windows Plugins like Silverlight, Unity Web Player and etc inside Linux Browsers. It was originally created to support Silverlights primarily but as the development goes on, they have added several Windows Browser Plugins on their road map. Now for the good part,

    1. Enter the following commands below in your Terminal
      	sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight/stable
      	sudo apt-get update
      	sudo apt-get install --install-recommends pipelight-multi
      	sudo pipelight-plugin --update
    2. Now to enable the plugin, enter the command below
      	sudo pipelight-plugin --enable unity3d
    3. Changing the User Agent
      • For Firefox install the plugin User Agent Overrider
        • After installation, click its plugin button and select "Windows Firefox"

        • Open another tab and enter about:config as the address, this will take you to Firefox's application settings, a Warning Window will appear so just skip through it "We will be careful, we will *grin* "
          • Right click anywhere in the table and select New > String

          • Enter general.platform.override as preference name and Win32 as the value. If we did the exact same thing, you should be able to see this entry

        Now go to the Hello Hero Game via Facebook, it should start downloading Wine/Tricks resources. After the installation, just refresh the page and you should be able to see a message "Activate Unity Player" inside a gray box. Click it and you can now put that smile on your face while looking at Hello Hero Downloading Screen.

        Note: You can enable and disable the User Agent Overrider plugin by clicking its Icon. Blue for On and Gray for Off.
      • For Chrome unfortunately Google just dropped NPAPI since Version 35, so you have to downgrade your Chrome Version to use Pipelight plugins, if you still have packages 34 and below please share it here. There is another way to do so but it's quite troublesome and might be too complicated to other users as this requires you to build your own version of Chromium(yeah not Chrome but Chromium). If you still insist on using Chromium check this link below for further instructions,
        • Build your own Chromium - Here
        • Check option #3 after installing your own version of Chromium - Here

      Nowadays "get yourself another OS" phrase is a burial song to reputation, now services come to you expanding to different platforms. So please do send feedbacks on Unity3D to help Linux Users have official support. I hope Fincon and Team could also help us out to reach Unity3D.

      Well that's all to do for us Linux Users. This or you could do a Dual Boot just to play. Just drop your feedbacks and inquiries. ENJOY!

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