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Compiled List of Items types and benefits.

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    Originally posted by ArtNJ View Post
    So dexterity is bad for Master Lee?? I don't understand that.

    Granted, equipping him with dex gear was a failed experiment I was going to reverse anyway, but I had no idea it would make his immune last shorter. That really doesn't sound right???
    Dex makes you auto attack more. Each autoattack counts as a "turn". His immunity lasts three turns so the faster he gets his turns the shorter the duration of buffs.


    • ArtNJ
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      Thanks Felix, guess I'll counter out Lee, sounds like dex gear was a bad mistake.

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    Defense - Cloak, Skirt
    Critical (Electric) Hammer, Mace, Double Ax Belt
    Evade (Energy, Magic) Bow, Crossbow Boots
    Dexterity Saber, (Great) Sword, Spear, Rifle* (Magic) Gloves
    Focus (Beam, Machine, Sniper) Gun, Rifle Helmet, Bandana
    Health Ball, Cane, Energy Source, Hole, Marble, Scepter (Leather, Metal) Armor, Suit
    Counterattack Shuriken, Sickle, Whip (Electric) Shield
    • 30 dex weapon, Boing-boing rifle (but picture of a sword)

      bracelet - counter [you have]
      necklace - crit [you have]
      pendant dex [you have]
      keys - hp [you have]
      locker key - evade (or -crit)?

      mask - dex
      pocket watch - crit
      doll - crit
      ring - evade
      watch - "-focus" <- all my watches are -focus (+crit/counter) but i think i saw one with +focus

      ​mirror - evade (or -dex)
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    • Ardenaso
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      Thanks! I'll re-edit my thread whenever I get time.

    • lithe333
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      I'll collect more when I have time :P
      I've been meaning to go through the top arena and boss raid teams... lol
      but atm just what I've found :/

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    I've added Brian and Rina in Item Dilemmas, would like it if I receive more.


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      How about these:

      Agnid. I have dex,crit on him since I'm split if i go full crit or remain with it since i use him to first hit in top 100 arena.

      Miho. I currently have evade, evade on her but since i got bignose i'm thinking of changing to hp/hp. She has an HP120/-15Foc Accessory on her.

      Eric. got HP/Dex on him with HP/Dex access. don't know why. He had ctr/ctr/ctr before but He does not really ctr much plus his atk is low. Was thinking of going pure evade on him too. hp/dex seem ok for him with 2044HP and 26Dex. You placed Eric in your recommendation for focus item. Why? he already has a 90% focus buff?

      Miya. I went full dex/dex/dex on her because a lot of top players use dex on her but not really sure if she would be better off. Ofcourse she is a carry in arena even killing a full non-disable team.

      Emma. not really sure how to equip an enhanced emma but since I'm using her in pinta and bignose i though might as well use dex on her.
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      • lithe333
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        hmmm... incase you were wondering why people did not reply here,
        this thread is about items.. not about what items to use :/

      • Ardenaso
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        Sorry for the late reply but yeah,

        Agnid: If your Crit is confident enough, you can add some Dex so that he won't get behind in normal attacks.

        Miho: It's up to you, Evade is weak against Crit-oriented enemies though.

        Eric: HP/Evade seems the proper for him I guess, since Eric's the 2nd highest HP tanker in the game.

        Miya and Emma: Healers are usually Dex or HP; but to those with Remove Debuffs, Dex is more suitable to hasten their recovery from debuffs to purify others quickly.

      • lithe333
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        oh.. lol..
        i put all dex items on on agnid... cos i like him being machine gun ><
        just to change it up... and his auto attack hurts

        miho evade should be okay.. as long as not in arena

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      Since this is about items, i would like to ask if we can get a 6 star item in missions? I saw one popping saying has obtained a 6 star item in a mission. Any info on these on where to hunt? Ty.


      • NanashiFei
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        Ya it is super rare but you can get a 6* in mission.

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      Hello guys, I need your help.. I got desciple lingling.. What item should i give her? I already equip crit and dex.. Is it better if foc / foc or evade? Thanks


      • lithe333
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        evade is more effective the more hp you have.. so that is why for tanky heroes.. evade might be better than hp.. outside of arenas

        focus for BR is useful for boldpus .. just to make sure -def never misses.. but if you use rina or teddy sky with 100% focus.. you dont really need focus

        I'd say.... either crit or hp or hybrid? ... if you dont have -atk in your team.. I suggest just crit all the way....

        if you are only using 4* items.. feel free to test it out.. since 4* items drop often enough