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  • Ultimate Hello Hero Guide

    Welcome to the Ultimate Hello Hero Guide.

    I’ve devoted myself to gather/create/reunite information from various websites and self experiences in order to create this guide. Basically I will be going over Leveling up tips, recruiting and training heroes, upgrading, enhancing, fusing, carats, honor, gold, items, Heroes slots and some stages database such as Exp.

    Ang guide na ito ay gawa ni Helpless. Ang layunin nito ay mabigyan kayo ng tips sa pag level up, pag kuha ng hero, pag eenhance, pag fufuse, pag kuha ng carats, ng honor points, ng gold at pag dagdag ng hero slot.
    Makakatulong ito para sa lahat hindi lang sa mga baguhan.

    This guide will not only help the new players with useful tips but also the experienced players looking for more deeper tips such as best spots for heroes exp farm, acquiring carats, dungeon rewards and so more. If you have read up to here you are probably already bored lol, so lets go straight to the point.

    If this is your first time playing the game then I will recommend you to start in the Armon Server, which is where the majority of AI players are.

    Also when you enter it will ask you for a referral code, feel free to use my name: Artrix55, you will get 10 Carats, which is the IAP of the game.
    Starting Point
    Welcome to the World of Hello Hero, after you have chosen your server and user name you will go through a typical short tutorial where you will obtain your first three main heroes of the game, which they are: Harold, Ophelia and Aaron.

    Under any circumstances do not sell this Heroes before mastering them. Mastering is the act of leveling up the hero up to level 30, which is the cap level for all heroes.

    Welcome sa Hello hero! Kapag naka pili ka na ng server, ikaw ay mapupunta sa tutorial kung saan mo makukuha ang iyong panimulang mga hero na sina Harold, Ophelia at Aaron.
    Kahit anong mangyari, wag na huwag mo silang ibebenta bago mo sila ma-master. Ang pag mamaster ay pagiging lv. 30 ng Hero.

    After mastering this 3 heroes you can obtain a 3 star Healer that is called Amelia:

    If you dive deep enough into the game you will understand the importance of a good healer, and she is one of them. In addition, one of the things in this game is that when you evolve you get a RANDOM unit, so you are not guaranteed to have a high tier healer unless you get lucky, so keep her until you get a better tier healer.

    To claim her all you have to do is go to "Recruit" in the main menu of the game, then on the bottom center of the screen you will see an option that says Race, just tap on it and redeem.

    Pag na master mo sila Harold, Aaron at Ophelia makukuha mo si Amelia na 3 star na hero sa Collection, ito ay matatagpuan sa Recruit sa tabi ng shop.
    Pag tagal, mas maiintindihan mo ang importansya ng pag kakaron ng magandang healer and isa na si Amelia doon. Mas makakabuti kung hindi mo ipapang fuse si Amelia hanggat wala kang kapalit dahil kakaunti lang ang healer kaya hanggat wala kang pamalit kay Amelia wag mo muna syang iffuse dahil ang pag ffuse ay random.
    In the main menu inside of the game you have an option called "Messages"

    You can see it is located in the second place from left to right.

    This "Message" option allows you to do two things, one of them is to receive gifts from the server(when completing missions,buying carats, getting some special heroes). Whenever you have a gift the "NEW" word will pop up on top of it( like in the friends one). And the second thing is to view your messages sent from your friends/players/Gms of the game.

    Always be sure to check your Messages for bonuses since some of them can expire within a time limit.

    Ito ay matatagpuan sa home page mo. Ito ay katabi ng “friends” mula sa kaliwa.
    Ang “Message” box na ito ay maraming gamit. Sa message, pwede ka makakuha at makapag padala ng mensahe sa mga manlalaro ng HelloHero. Ang isa pang gamit nito ay pag tanggap ng mga regalo mula sa events, quests at GM.
    Tandaan na ang ibang item na nakukuha sa message box ay naeexpire dahil ito ay time limit huwag kalimutang ito ay gamitin para hindi masayang.
    Types of Heroes
    In this game there are four classes of Heroes:
    -Dealers(Denoted by a Sword): Lack of Hp and Defense but its attack make up the difference
    -Tanks(Denoted by a Shield): Enormous amount of Hp and defense but they lack Attack
    -Hybrids(Denoted by a three arrows "spinning"): They have well rounded stats and can take the role of a Dealer, Tank or Healer. Therefore there stats might differ.
    -Healers(Denoted by a Cross): Have less stats than any other class, but this types of Hero will help to keep your party alive.

    Mga klase ng hero.
    Sa larong ito may 4 na klase ng hero
    • Dealer(sword) Mas mataas ang atk power nila kesa sa HP at defense power.
    • Tanks(shield) Mataas naman ang HP at Defense ng mga tank pero mababa naman ang atk power nila.
    • Hybrid(three spinning arrows) Ang hybrid ay hybrid dipende sa klase ng hero kung anong magiging stats nya. Merong mas inclined sa pagiging dealer/def def/support dealer/support.
    • Healer(cross) Ang klase ng hero na ito ay may mababang stats sa ibang klase ng hero pero ang mga gantong klaseng hero ay siguradong mapapatagal ang buhay ng mga hero mo.
    Your party is mainly composed of 5 heroes(you can have less than 5 but who would do that?). Your heroes will be divided into 2 sections, the front and rear. Usually Tankers are used in the front since is the area that is most attacked, therefore you need tanks to take the big damage from the other units, but also you use Hybrids. The rear is usually used for Healers, Dealers and Hybrids since they lack Hp and Defense(this might not apply in the Hybrids type).

    All Heroes have at least 2 skills(there is an exemption with 1 star heroes that only have 1), and they are divided into different types of skill:

    Target: Single Enemy, Single Ally, All Enemies, All Allies, and Self

    Type: Buff, Damage, Debuff, and Healing

    Ang iyong party ay may limang hero, ang party mo ay mahahati sa dalawang section harap at likod. Mga tank ang lagging nilalagay sa harap dahil mataas ang HP nila at defense at saka ang harap ang laging nauunang maatake ng kalaban kaya kailangan mo ng mga tank para sumalo ng damage para sa team mo. Ang likod naman ay laging mga healer, dealer at hybrid dahil mababa ang hp nila at defense pwera ang mga hybrid.
    Lahat ng hero ay may dalawang skill maliban lang sa 1 star na hero na isa lang ang skill. Nahahati ang mga klase ng skill sa:
    Target : Single Target Enemy, Single Ally, All enemies, All allies at Self.
    Types: Buff, Damage, Debuff at Healing.

    - Blind: Your hero can’t do normal attack (this will make hero with high dexterity useless in the battle)
    - Confuse: It’s basically a stun with additional effect (attack friendly member).
    - Freeze: Hero that frozen can’t be healed/buffed/attacked
    - Silence: Can’t cast spell
    - Stun: can’t do anything
    - Remove Enemy Spell
    - Increase Attack by X% amount
    - Increase Evasion by X% amount
    - Increase Dexterity by X% amount
    - Increase Armor by X% amount
    - Immune to damage

    Mga epekto ng mga skill:
    • Blind: Hindi makaka pag normal attack ang iyong hero pag merong Blind effect. Kahit na mataas ang dex ng hero mo ay mahihirapan parin umatake pag merong blind effect.
    • Stun: Hindi ka makakapag skill at makakapag normal atk
    • Confuse: Para itong stun pero may karagdagang epekto. (aatakihin ang mga sariling kakampi)
    • Silence: Hindi ka makakapag skill pero makakapag normal atk ka.
    • Freeze: Mag yeyelo ang hero, hindi tatablan ng Heal, Buff at hindi rin maatake ng kakampi(pag na confuse) o kalaban.
    • Remove spell: mawawala ang buff ng mga hero mo
    • Increase atk/eva/dex/armor by X% amount: Tataas ang attribute ng x times.
    • Immune damage: Hindi ka tatablan ng normal attack at mga skill na may kaugnayan sa pag bawas ng HP.
    • Immune spells: Hindi ito tatablan ng mga debuff tulad ng mga blind, confuse, stun, silence at freeze.
    Congratulations, with this you have complete the basics of the game.
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    Energy and Stamina
    Energy and stamina are the points you will use to do campaign mode, enter dungeons, time attack, arena, treasure hunt and raid.

    Ang Energy at Stamina ay points na kailangan mo para makapag laro ng Hello Hero ang Stamina at energy ay may ibat ibang gamit.

    Stamina is used on Campaign mode and Treasure Hunt
    Stamina : Magagamit ito sa Campaign mode(normal mode at onyx mode) at Treasure hunt

    Energy is used to do Arena, Raid bosses, Dungeon and Time attack.
    Energy: Magagamit naman ito sa Arena, Boss Raids, Dungeons at Time attack.

    Both of this are measured in numbers such as 20/20, when entering ay mode an specific amount will be deducted. Both Stamina and Energy are refilled by 1 point every 10 minutes.
    Mayroon kang 20/20 na stamina at energy sa simula at pag pumasok ka sa isa sa mga game mode ito ay mababawasan ng points na kailangan ng game mode na iyon. Ang Stamina at Energy ay narerefill kada 10 minuto ng isa. Madaragdagan ang kapasidad ng Stamina at Energy mo habang nag lelevel up ang account mo.
    In like any other game this game has:
    -Dexterity(Determines which unit will attack first. Higher Dex means that unit will attack first. Usually attackers have the highest dexterity of the game).

    Dex is useful when it comes to wear off a debuff, the more Dex means you go first. Therefore you will get out of status effects faster as that hero will take its turn before other heroes, thus the two turns of being stunned/frozen/etc will go by quicker.

    Can't be counted as a stats but it plays a significant role in the game, this can be only increased by equipping items or using skills that increase it . Focus is used to attack units that have lower HP than all the others.

    Tulad ng ibang laro mayroong:
    • HP
    • Defense
    • Attack
    • Dexterity: Ang DEX ay ang nag didikta kung sinong unang aatake at kung gaano kadalas aatake agng hero mo. Mag mas mataas ang dex mas mauuna lagi ang hero mo sa pag normal atk at mas marami ang normal atk ng hero na mas mataas ang dex. Ang dex rin ay mainam rin kapag ikaw ay na-blind, confuse stun freeze at silence dahil mas mabilis kang makakawala kung mataas ang dex ng hero mo.
    • Focus ay stat na hindi nakikita pero importante sa laro. Mapapataas lang ang Focus sa pag gamit ng mga focus items. Ang focus ay gamit sa mga kalaban na mababa ang HP sa iba.
    Types of Modes
    There are a few types of game play modes in this game:
    Mga klase ng aktibidad sa Hello hero:

    -Campaign: The regular way of playing, you will unlock maps and worlds as your progress in the game.
    • Campaign mode / Story mode: Ang regular na pag lalaro ng Hello Hero, dito malalaman mo ang istorya ng Hello Hero, pag uunlock ng mga mapa at pag kukuha ng hero.
    -Arena(Unlocked at level 4): Face enemies at the same % rank that you are in Arena.
    • Arena (mabubuksan pag tungtong ng lv. 4) Makaka-kalaban ng parehas na rank na iyong kinabibilangan sa arena.
    -Raid boss: Face the world raid boss.
    • Raidboss: Makakakalaban ng world boss tulad nina: Bignose, Boldpus at Pintaurus.
    -Treasure Hunt: Obtain some rare equipment or even Heroes by completing the missions within the time limit.
    • Treasure Hunt: Dito makakakuha ka ng mga gamit/equipment para sa iyong hero pero ang layunin ng treasure hunt ay para ikaw ay maka kolekta ng mga fragment ng mga item na 5star item at 6star item.
    -Time attack(Unlocked at level 8): Beat the highest amount of enemies possible within the time limit to obtain a buff that lasts 2 hours, might vary from using 1 less point of energy er stage to increase attack/defense/critical/Hp/Focus/Dexterity on your units.
    • Time attack(mabubuksan ng lv.8) Dito naman sa time attack Kailangan mo talunin ang mga kalaban hanggat sa makakaya mo. Kada patay mo sa isang kalaban ay may kaukulang puntos, habang tumataas ang puntos na nakukuha mo tataas din ang buff na makukuha mo. Pwede kang makakuha ng Increase ATK/DEF/CRIT/HP/FOC/DEX/COUNTER okaya naman -1Stamina / -1 Energy buff. Paminsan din ay hero drop rate sa random na map. Habang nakakaipon ka ng points sa time attack kada 15k score ay makakapili ka ng gusto mong buff mula sa ATK/DEF/HP/DEX/EVA/COUNTER/CRIT/FOC. Dahil kung mag ttime attack ka ng walang ipong points, random buff ang ibibigay sayo ng game pag natapos mo ang time atk.
    -Dungeon: Beat the floor you are currently in and you will be awarded. The awards can vary from Heroes to gold, equipment, gold or carats.
    • Dungeon : Talunin ang bawat kalaban sa bawat palapag ng dungeon at ikaw ay mabibigyan ng premyo. Ang mga premyo ay tulad ng Hero, Gold, Equipment o Carats.
    Heroes and Star Tier
    In this game you have 6 Tiers of Heroes, going from 1 star(Lowest Tier) to 6 Stars(Highest Tier).

    Why should I level up 1 Star heroes? They are useless to me!

    Surprise! every time you master a new hero(doesn't mater Star Tier as long as its the first time) you will be awarded with 5 carats and +5 yo your maximum honor points vault... You know what they say, gotta catch em all!... and master of course.
    1* heroes
    These heroes are very easy to get, and they’re your “carat resource” in an early game. You can get many 1* heroes easily from the random drop on a mission.

    Remember that Hello Hero always boosts hero drop rate on a certain area depends days of the week (New York Time). See the table below
    Bonus Drop Rate Area
    Desert of Sandstorms
    Sweet Cookie Farm
    Deep Sea Ravine
    Wondrous Thornland
    Abandoned Advance Base
    Keronic Base
    All Stages (including Cucubita)

    Buy heroes using honor point also gives you a lot of 1* heroes (don’t expect a hero higher than 1* grade when using honor points, it’s possible but very rare).
    2* heroes
    2* heroes also can be obtained from random drop on a mission, but it’s very rare. I suggest you don’t fuse 2 “1* heroes” (+5) at the beginning of the game. Just master all 1 star heroes available and then farm on hell level on certain area based on boosted day; you have a chance to get any 2 star heroes from that area.
    3* heroes
    Save your carats and wait until you have 300 carats so you can buy royal pack. The royal packs have a very high chance to give you 3 star heroes. IMO, this the best source to complete your 3 star collection. Sometimes I level up same heroes to 30 (even after obtaining the carats reward) so I can have “material”’ to get 4 star heroes.
    4* heroes
    If you buy royal packs, you will get at least one epic (4 star) hero, other than that simply fusing 3 star heroes to get this one.
    5* and 6* heroes
    These types are very rare, you will need a lot of fusing, and that’s where the game starts J. Don’t expect to get them while buying packs using honor and carats (although it’s possible).
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      Upgrading, Enhancing, Fusion
      and Mutate
      This option can be found in the "Hero" menu where you review your heroes, it will be located in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

      Ito ay matatagpuan sa option ng hero mo na nakalagay “upgrade”.

      Upgrading is very important in the growth of your team, and will help you to get better ranks in arena, raid and even beat some dungeons/stages. Every successful upgrade (+1) will add the hero with 10% more status (from base status). Upgrading takes effect on each level, so you don’t need to upgrade at level 30 to get the maximum benefit. The maximum amount of upgrades you can apply to a Hero is (+5)

      Remember that +5 lower tier hero is stronger than higher tier hero without any upgrade (one tier difference).

      Ang pag uupgrade ay importante sa pag lakas ng mga hero mo at makakatulong ito sa pag angat mo sa arena at Boss raids, Dungeons at Treasure Hunts. Kada +1 sa hero mo ay magdaragdag ng 10% sa ATK, DEF at HP ng hero mo. Ang pag uupgrade ng hero ay tumatalab agad ibig sabihin kahit lv 1 ang hero mo at +5 ito makukuha nito ang +50% na karagdagang stats kahit hindi ka lv.30.
      Tandaan: Ang +5 na mas mababang klase ng hero ay mas malakas sa +0 na mas mataas na klase ng hero.

      4*Nidhogg +5 Stats

      Attack/ Defense/ Health/ Dex
      420 / 277 / 1065 / 16

      5* Radon Sats

      Attack/ Defense/ Health/ Dex
      340 / 224 / 840 / 18

      From the status comparison above, you can see that Radon only wins in terms of dexterity, it will have a status about as same as +5 Nidhogg when it gets +3 upgrade, but you may want to know that upgrading higher tier heroes is much harder than lower tier heroes.

      Makikita sa itaas na mas mataas lang si Radon sa Dex. Mag kakaron lang ng halos parehas na status si Radon kay Nidhogg pag +30 na si Radon. Tandaan na mas mahirap mag upgrade ng mas mataas na klase ng hero kesa sa mga mas mabababa.

      In order for you to obtain higher Star Tier Heroes you can fuse two heroes of the same star tier fully maxed and upgraded(two random hero lv 30 (+5)). However, when you fuse you will obtain a RANDOM hero, the only thing is guaranteed is that it will be of the next star tier, but the hero you will obtain is random, so don't expect to get a certain unit unless you get really lucky, its all RNG based.

      Para makakuha ng mas mataas na antas na hero kailangan mo mag fuse ng dalawang mag kaparehas na antas at sila ay parehas na +5. Tandaan na ang bawat fuse ay RANDOM ang lalabas ibig sabihin kahit anong hero ang pwedeng lumabas kapag ikaw ay nag fuse. Kaya wag kang mag eexpect ng eksaktong hero na makukuha mong hero dahil lahat ng fuse ay random.

      - Amelia lvl 30 (+5) with Destroyer Schaken lvl 30 (+5) can be fused since they’re 3 star heroes. The result of this fusion will be RANDOM 4 star hero.

      - Amelia lvl 30 (+5) with Harold Lvl 30 (+5) won’t work, because Amelia is 3 star hero, but harold is only 2 star.

      Don’t fuse your heroes immediately after you get two “+5 hero”, better build a solid team first and use the reserved heroes for fusion.

      Paalala: Huwag mag madali sa pag fufuse ng Hero, mas maganda kung mag fufuse ka ng hero na hindi mo na ginagamit sa team mo pang Arena / Boss Raid / Dungeon.
      Fusion guide
      Star difference Upgrade chance
      0 100%
      1 50%
      2 25%
      3 10%
      4 1%
      5 0%
      Example: if you upgrade 3 star using 1 star heroes then you only get 25% chance (2 star difference)
      1* heroes
      Don’t bother to upgrade 1* heroes. They’re simply food (for upgrading higher star heroes). However, always max your 1* heroes (only for 1st time) to level 30 first before using them as a food (so you get that 5 carats and + 5 max honor points).

      Wag ka ng mag sayang ng oras at pera sa pag fufuse sa mga hero na ito. Dahil sila ay pagkain lamang para sa 3star at 4star hero

      Example: if you get Aaron for the 1st time, don’t use it as an upgrade material, level it up to level 30 first so you get 5 carats and 5 max honor points, if you happen to get another Aaron (from honor point shop), you can use it immediately for upgrade material (no need to level it up to 30).
      2* Heroes
      Same as 1* heroes, they’re simply food. However, don’t use this hero to upgrade lower 3* or 4* heroes. You will know why later. At the beginning phase of the game you may want to use lvl 30 heroes to make 3 star heroes. The upgrade cost:

      Ang klase ng hero na to ay parehas ng 1star hero na pwedeng gawing pag kain para mas mataas na antas na hero pero mas maganda kung sila ay gagawin mong +5 lv.30 at mag hantay ng 1+1 fuse event para ikaw ay makakakuha ng parehas na dami ng hero na finuse mo.

      Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
      “+1″ 1100
      “+2″ 1760
      “+3″ 2420
      “+4″ 3080
      “+5″ 3740
      3* Heroes
      This is your starting point; you will get many 3 star heroes from purchasing royal packs (gathering your first 300 jewels is easy ;about 1-2 weeks from my experience), do not to buy premium packs!!!! Because you won’t get one guaranteed 4* from the royal pack. Premium pack doesn’t have a better chance to get 5* or 6* heroes, so please don’t delude yourself by thinking that. Only enhance 3* heroes with 1* heroes, 25% chance is a lot, yes a lot. The upgrade cost:

      Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
      “+1″ 1700
      “+2″ 2720
      “+3″ 3740
      “+4″ 4760
      “+5″ 5780

      -Maxed level 30 heroes (1st time only) can be used for fusion to get 4 * heroes.
      - Keep duplicated 3* heroes (that you have been mastered) or use them to enhance those heroes if you find them useful (such as Amelia, Destroyer Schaken, etc).

      Dito ka mag kakaroon ng maraming hero sa mga 3star hero na ito. Makakakuha ka ng maraming 3star hero mula sa royal packs at dungeons. Bumili lang ng royal pack habang ikaw ay newbie para ikaw ay may libreng 4s. Walang garantiyang mas mataas ang tyansang makakuha ng 5s at 6s na hero sa Premium pack. Mag upgrade lang ng 3s na hero gamit ang mga 1s.
      • Lv.30 na hero ay pwede mong magamit para sa fusion
      • Ang mga namaster mo naman na hero ay pwede mo ng ipakain sa mga 5s.
      • Ang maganda lang na ienhance na hero ay sina Officer King, Amelia, Destroyer Schaken at Isis)
      4* Heroes
      You will get these heroes from royal packs and fusing 3* star heroes which you upgrade. I recommend you to only use 1 star hero when upgrading these heroes. You may think 10% is small but it’s quite high in my opinion. The upgrade cost:

      Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
      “+1″ 2300
      “+2″ 3680
      “+3″ 5060
      “+4″ 6440
      “+5″ 7820

      On this level, you can start equip your favorite hero with good equipment such as 4 star equipment (no need strict saving) . You will have 4* heroes for quite long time.

      Makukuha mo ang hero na ito sa mga Bounty, Fusions at Carats. Mas maganda kung gagamitin mo sa pag uupgrade ng hero na ito ay mga 1s para makatipid sa mga 2s na hero na pwede mong gamitin sa 1+1 event.
      5* Heroes
      Your journey to get strongest hero is almost there (still far though, just want to cheer you up). The upgrade cost:

      Upgrade level Golds/upgrade
      “+1″ 2900
      “+2″ 4640
      “+3″ 6380
      “+4″ 8120
      “+5″ 9860

      This is why I told you to save 2 star heroes before. 2 star heroes are quite rare (unlike one star heroes which can be obtained easily via honor points). Only use 3 star heroes for upgrade when your hero has already reached “+4”upgrade. You should know by now why I don’t recommend you to use 3 star heroes for upgrading 5 star heroes, it’s because….

      Dito mo na magagamit ang mga naipon mong mga 2s hero na pwedeng maging 3s hero pag kanagkaroon ng 1+1 event. Habaan ang pasensya at pag hihintay sa 1+1 event para ma sulit ang iyong mga hero. Dahil magagamit mo rin sila para sa….
      6* Heroes
      This is where the hell starts to begin. 3 star heroes only give you 10% chance to success…. However, if you have followed my advice you should have a solid team of 5* heroes (+5). This should be able to make you reach High ranks on the arena battle and BOSS raid, which make you able to gather an enormous amount of carat per week. Use those carat to buy royal pack and upgrade your hero until you have 6* heroes (+5 upgrade). The upgrade cost:

      Upgrade level Golds/upgrade

      I still don’t have 6* heroes and will update the table cost once I get the data. Which it should be within this week. Also if you someone knows it feel free to leave a comment with the respected amount of gold used per level.

      Tama, pwede mong gamitin ang mga 3s hero para ipang upgrade din sa mga 6s na hero para hindi masayang ang 4s hero na may 25% na tyansang ma upgrade ang hero mo dahil ang 4s hero ay pwede pa maging 5star na hero.

      Enhancement allows you to raise the cap level of an specific hero for 3 more levels(meaning cap level would be 33). However, in order to do this you need to have 2 copies of the same hero.

      I personally don't recommend Enhancing any unit unless its a 6 star hero because basically you just lost the opportunity of making a higher tier hero.

      Also leveling the hero from lv 30 to lv 33 takes a lot of effort. In fact, is harder to level up your hero to lv 33 than from lv 1 to lv 30, so be patient.

      In addition your unit will get a gold aura and will have a #1 in their Hero card as shown here

      Ang pang eenhance at pinapayagan kang tumaas ang level ng hero mo na higit pa sa 30. Ito ay magiging lv 33. Para makapag enhance kailangan mo ng kaprehas na kalse ng hero. Halimbawa Amelia at Amelia, sila ang ang pwede mong ienhance.
      • Mas mahirap ipalevel ang enhanced na hero malaki ang exp na kailangan mula lv 30 ->33.
      • Magkakaroon ng gold na aura ang hero mo at mag kakaron ng (1) sa hero mo.

      This option is only available for 6 star heroes. What it does is that it "mutates" your hero to another 6 star hero for an specific amount of gold(700k), and can only be applied to heroes that are mastered.

      Ang opsyon na ito ay pwede lang sa mga 6s na hero okaya naman sa 5s at 4s na hero pag ka mayroong mutation event. Ang nagagawa nito ay imumutate ang hero mo sa ibang hero. Ang kundisyon ng mag mumutate ng hero na 6s ay:
      1. Kailangan na master mo na ang hero para mamutate
      2. Kung hindi mo pa naman namamaster ang hero na gusto mong imutate pwede mo rin sya imutate pero kailangan mo syang iupgrade muna hanggang +5 para maimutate mo ang hero.
      Carats and Honor
      Carats are the Premium currency of the game, also known as IAP. One of the perks of this game is that you can get enormous amounts of it just by playing it.


      - Master EVERY hero you get regardless of their star tier or class.
      - Participate in Raid bosses even though you might only do 1 damage to the boss, you will still get Carats at the end of the day.
      - Participate in Arena, the higher the rank the more carats you will get.
      - Do the daily missions, after 7 consecutive days of doing missions you will get 10 carats.
      - Some dungeon levels have carats as rewards.

      Ang carat ang pangunahing pambili sa Hello Hero. Ang maganda rito ay makakakuha ng carats sa pag lalaro lang ng Hello Hero.
      • I-master ang lahat ng hero na iyong makukuha kahit 1 star pa yan para sa 5 carats at 5 Honor Point capacity na makukuha mo.
      • Sumali sa mga boss raids kahit na maliit lang ang damage mo para ikaw parin ay makakuha ng carats.
      • Sumali rin sa arena dahil habang tumataas ang ranggo mo sa arena ay tumataas din ang carat na pwede mong makuha.
      • Gawin mo ang mga daily mission, pag katapos ng 7 sunod na araw na makumpleto mo ang missions ay makakakuha ka ng 10 carats.
      • Ilang level din sa dungeon ay makakauha ka ng carats.

      Floor Carats
      9 3
      14 5
      19 7
      24 10
      29 15
      34 20
      39 25
      44 30
      49 35
      59 35
      65 35
      75 35

      Save up all your carats all the way up to 300 so you can do the Royal pack( gives you 10 heroes and a guaranteed 4 star hero or higher tier, mostly 4 stars). I tell this because you miss the chance to get one guaranteed epic from the Royal Pack. Premium pack doesn’t have better chance to obtain 5/6 star heroes. I've seen people do premium summon(30 carat) and get a 2 star hero, please don't do that.
      Honor can be used in two different ways, to summon a hero or equipment(summon hero is the best option hence you can farm 4 star equipment is regular stages).

      You can obtain Honor by clearing Missions, from friends or in Arena.

      Your honor will increase by 5 every time you master a Hero, so make sure you master all your heroes.

      Another tip is that you always save you Honor near to the max, sometimes there will be honor events(50% less honor used to summon) so you can obtain a lot of fodders to upgrade.

      If you obtain Honor points through dungeons or some special missions, they won't expire in your Message box, so just keep them there and wait for the event to come

      Ipunin ang iyong carat hanggang makaipon ng 300 o higit pa at mag hintay ng legends rising upang tumaas ang tyansang makakuha ng 5 star at 6star na hero mula sa royal pack. Tandaan na mas maganda bumili ng royal pack habang ikaw ay bago palang dahil sa libreng 4star na kasama nito.
      Honor Points
      Ang honor points ay may dalawang gamit, pag susummon ng hero at pag kuha ng item/ equipment.
      Pwede kang makakuha ng honor points sa pag tapos sa mga mission, sa mga kaibigan mo at sa arena.
      Ipunin rin ang iyong mga Honor points para sa 50% off na Honor Point na event para ma sulit ang iyong ipon.

      I will finish the guide tomorrow since I have no time to do so today. Feel free to leave any comments/suggestions.

      Pending update:
      • Detailed info of each dungeon floor
      • FQA
      Credits to the site guide4gamers:
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        This post is reserved for dungeons and FAQ.


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          Thanks for this gold mine of information!

          Lets start on a level by level guide too soon. So like map 1-1 to 8-10. I find that people are attracted to forums that have informative guides such as this one.

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            Great guide, I think you might want to edit the Honor section to include the word 'max' in the statement "Your [max] Honor will increase by 5 every time you master a hero..." Also I would suggest a reference/linking to sources for your guide if you aren't the original owner of any content posted.


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              I did mention that

              Also I will mention where I got the info that is not mine, but that will be after the FAQ

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            I think you swapped energy/stamina. nice compilation though


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              Thanks for noticing lol. Fixed

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            Thanks for Great Game Guide....


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              How come I have seen this guide somewhere before? And what have you done to Artrix?


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                Busted. lol

                And welcome to the forums

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              good read, this is really helpful


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                Too bad i didnt read this before i started, its a great guide... Got many tips, thanks...


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                  Great guide for the upcoming newbies. and still I'm happy i've learned something from your guide. Good job keep it up.


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                    Well I didnt use any guide, and still got all that from playing the game.. but I wasted 2 things.. 1. Saving up honor and 2 saving up carads.. Because I didnt know how to icrease hero cap.. That would be really usefull to know, because I played 5 days and got lvl 8, but wasted many heroes because I didnt know how to increase hero cap.. At first I was thinking to save carads for that pack, but didnt have space for it..You should include the hero slot buy and when inventory slots increase.. There is a lot more, but yeah for newbies that should do.. all that + inv slot and hero slot
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                      Hi, I am the writer on guide4gamers (the one who write guide above..). Please include the link to my site (give me a credit.....) not simply copy paste my work.... I really honored that you choose my guide, but without credit.. really..... I spent a lot of time writing the guide, so please at least give me a credit. Also, you're hot-linking my image... If you want to use my image please upload it to somewhere and use them (give me credit). The image takes my site bandwidth.....

                      My site


                      Please put the link on the 1st post if you still want to refer to my guide. If not then please remove it. Sorry if I am too demanding, but I ask you for your understanding (all time I have put to write those guides). Thank you.


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                        How in the world can an entire team be disabled by the enemy? That gives the NPC HIGH advantage over the player. All 5 heroes disabled at the same time is NOT right at all. Far Far East final boss fight is too overpowering, in my opinion.


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                          You can bring a healer with recovering a unit with any status effect. Also you can use stunners/confusion skills.

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                          Tried that with Mareed/Anubis the Protector combo.
                          Thanks for the information. I have completed the ENTIRE ONYX mode using 2 healers in back row.
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