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Need help on abandoned base 3 ONYX

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  • Need help on abandoned base 3 ONYX

    Hi all i would like some advice on that level, im now stuck and cant even pass first wave..

    My hero are:

    6*Maid Emma+0
    6* (joker on a big ball.. i cant remember the name)+3
    5*Dancing machine gun+2
    4* Spearman Lark+5

    I MENT TO TYPE FLOOR 4 not 3 MY mistake XD
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    There's only 1 wave of enemies in advanced abandoned base of onyx, so don't worry about having to clear another wave. Do you have other heroes, or are the ones you mentioned the extent?
    I would focus on upgrading your Miho to +5. That will help her survive. She should absorb the confuse, cleanse with Emma and remove that focus buff! Anyway, seeing the rest of your heroes would help but I couldn't find you on the Linberk server. GL HF!
    Server: Linberk
    IGN: MrGee


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      Thannk MrGee i miss typed floor 3 instead of 4 (the purple one)