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Need help on GLACIAL HERO CITY 10!

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  • Need help on GLACIAL HERO CITY 10!

    So I'm have trouble on Glacial Hero City 1, which has the Confuse-all by Fantastic show.My heroes consist of White Knight Harold (lvl 40),Monk 6*(lvl 38), Miya (lvl 35), Anubis the Embalmer(lvl 35).Also i don't have any DEF+ person so what do i do?
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    If you desperately need a defense booster, you might wanna try fusing a few 4 stars to see if you can get Sir Galahad, he's pretty useful and helps a lot


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      ...yeah I just made it to this level and I have no idea how to approach this one either, every method I try gets completely obliterated.


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        Well the first half of it can be cleared with an invincibility + Genie combo, but I dunno about the latter half.


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          hello, I'm also playing the same stage (glacial hero city I0), do you have any tips on how to finish this... my heroes are front: ox king, ice queen Jessica back: wkh, monk & Anubis... second wave of enemies are strong


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            Just bring high damage group + 1 healer + 1 - attack + 1 provoke and burst them down.


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              Alright, I cleared the stage the day I got Ox King:

              Commander-in-Chief Harold lv. 35+5, Xuanzang lv. 35+5
              Emma lv. 30+5, Ox lv. 30+1, An00bis lv. 30+5

              Time Attack Buff +20% DEF, Ox Leader +9% DEF

              Strategy: DEF Up --> ATK Down --> SPD Down --> Heal/restore if necessary --> DEF Down --> Attacks x2 --> Rinse & repeat, wait for Show's confuse before using Xuanzang's freedom.

              Make sure to give Xuanzang and Emma speed items so they can break out of confusion quickly, and leave Auto on so that they (hopefully) activate spell removal before getting hit.

              After that, in phase 2, pile up them debuffs and get rid of the Fenrirs with DEF debuffs and Harold's attacks. Destroy the dogs that Jobara summons quickly and try to kill him ASAP, killing him instantly removes all the dogs he summoned. From there it's easy.