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Help a newbie out with lineup questions?

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  • Help a newbie out with lineup questions?

    Hi guys,

    I just started the game and have pulled my first 11 heroes, and I have some questions about which ones would be the best to focus on leveling and how to set up my arena team. First, my heroes

    5 Star
    - Teddybear Sky

    4 Star
    - Ninja Kotaro
    - Dark Listic
    - Blue Cloak Tom
    - Swordmaiden Mina
    - Choco Almond
    - Lumberjack Taurus

    3 Star (I'm leaving out the ones I don't think are useful at all, but I have more than listed
    - Fafnir(Stun)
    - Mint Macaroon (Stun + Focus Single target... does that work?)
    - Boss Shark (More CC maybe)
    - M224 Turret
    - Destroyer Listic
    - Baron Malkavian
    - Seargent Ellie

    I have seen that most common teams are either spam stuns or AOE damage. I don't have much AOE damage in my hero pool, and only a little crowd control, so I'm not sure what is best.

    Possible CC team:
    Front: Blue Cloak Tom, Fafnir
    Back: Swordmaiden Mina, Mint Macaroon, Boss Shark

    I don't know if I have enough CC to make that work though. Anyone have any other recommendations? I also don't know what stats I should be going for on these guys either, so if anyone has any recommendations for that it would be nice.


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    I believe you should take full advantage of the Season IV Events first and obtain your first 6* hero. That way, you can have way better arsenal of heroes. Then we can discuss your choices better.