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Immune Dmg first or AOE first?

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  • Immune Dmg first or AOE first?

    My current arena line up is:

    Front: Belphegor, Emma
    Back: Coco, Viking Karl, Ifrit

    My strategy is usually

    1. Immune Dmg
    2. Blind
    3. Viking's AOE
    3. Coco's AOE
    4. At this point, either Coco or Viking would be out, so I'll use the single target skill
    5. Ifrit steal buff if there's another dmg immuner in the other team.

    I usually end up around 5-6%. Just wondering if I should rethink my strategy... Should I aim to do as much damage as I can first before casting immune?

    I've listed my heroes below as well, if anyone is kind enough to take a look to see if there's a better team I can form, do please share your suggestions!

    Belphegor +5
    Maid Emma +5
    Coco from Golden Forest +5
    Brock the Godhand +5
    Son Wukong +5
    Muay Thai Khun

    Asmodeus +5
    Prince Frog +5
    General Harold +5
    Assassin Queen +5
    Nikita +5
    Rocket Lady June +5
    Ifrit +5
    Queen Sead +5
    Veteran Ryan +5
    Monk Samzang +5
    Pumpkinhead King +5
    Stone Ice +5
    Viking Karl +5
    Rebel Fabian x2
    Anubis the Embalmer x2
    Marshal Gok x2
    Ghost Kraken
    Assassin Jack
    Space Flying Tudede
    Sad Tommy
    Teddybear Sky
    Swordmaiden Lilly
    Amazing Lexy
    Magister LIngling
    Nurse Florence
    Maid Mary
    Panda Xiu
    Midfielder David
    Imho the Quick
    Sir Galahad
    Ramses II
    Anubis the Embalmer
    Lumberjack Horn
    Mafia Gapne
    Magician Melchior
    IGN: justhinksiau
    Server: Balos

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    Hmm... Let me give you a suggestion.

    Try doing general harold's focus then hitting them with disable skills. I always get done in by these kind of teams.