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How can I improve my 97% win rate Arena team?

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  • How can I improve my 97% win rate Arena team?

    Hey guys, so currently my arena team is this:

    Taekwando Victoria +5, Level 33
    Succubus Rosie +5, Level 30

    Monk Xuanzang +5, Level 30
    Rebel Bolo +5, Level 30
    Figure Queen Yura +5, Level 30

    I just let it auto and they use their hard hitting attacks and I win 97% of the time in Wukong. Most of the times that I lose are because I forget to turn auto-skills on (I turn it off when its me vs an immune damage hero to shorten how long it takes) and then dont realize until I die a couple of times lol.

    I have other 6*s that I have gotten (some recently, others for a while). None are upgraded.

    - Apollon, Level 30
    - Enlightened Lingling, Level 30
    - Avril, Level 30
    - Anubis, Level 30
    - Rebecca, Level 30

    Now just assume all of these are at +5, because I can work towards getting them there. Is there any way for me to improve my arena team? To be honest, I dont know if I need Monk Xuanzang in there or not considering the other team dies so quickly anyways. But he definitely does help sometimes.

    What are some set ups you guys would recommend?

    Side note: I was actually lucky enough to get TWO 6*s from four total dealer hero rolls. I made 131 carats from quests, boss raid, and mastering heroes over the past few days and out of the four dealer rolls I did I got Apollon and Avril. I've had insane luck overall in this game so far honestly, pretty thankful for that. Both my Taekwando Victorias, as well as my Yura were from Dealer carat rolls too. Bolo + Rosie were from events, and the rest were just fusions.
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    If you want to improve your winrate as high as 97% you should improve your arena heroes as well. Like AOE heroes (Dylan, SFA, Jobara etc.), Disable heroes for def (SFT, Monk, Ngale, FS etc.) It would be hard for you to set auto team since most of the players now have strong decks in arena.
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      97% win rate is really high if you ask me. its like 97 wins out of 3 losses.

      but maybe your number of fights is really low. cause some of your lineup are not really "arena type" kindly indicate your number of runs as well.

      Taekwando is for Boss Raid boldpus. Well she can kill with a single skill but the target skill shouldnt be used on tanker heroes.
      Succubus is not really that useful. Why? Buff counter can easily be countered with all blind. (belphegor, marine brian, rebel kali)
      Monk is useful in arena for anti CC and anti aoe too.
      Rebel bolo is good but kali is better
      Figure queen yura is also for boss raid as well. mainly for pintaurus but can be used to other boss raids as well. (the 3 turn bleed is not good in arena. you have to wait for 3 turns just to deal the huge damage)

      2 types of frequently used in arena are AOE type and Crowd control types (aka disable team)

      Top AOE heroes used in arena:

      Dylan, Rebel Kali, Sorceress Sally, Don Jobara, Space Flying Aphopis, Viking Lodbrok, Belphegor, Veteran Ryan

      Top Tanker heroes and hybrid used in arena:

      Mighty Ox King, Hansung the mysterious, Master Lee (also with cc), Samurai Kojiro

      Top Crowd control heroes: (ones who stun, confuse, freeze your heroes untill all of them are immobile.

      Fantastic Show, Space Flying Tudede, General Eric, Master Lee, Enlighted Lingling, Nurse Gale

      Top Anti Crowd Control Heroes

      Miho, Monk Xuanzang, Scarecrow Thomas

      Top Support Heroes

      Monk Zuanzang, Scarecrow Thomas, Miya, Rebecca

      AOE Type:

      1 Hero that uses decrease armor. (hansung, rocket king toad, mighy ox king, or kojiro)
      4 aoe type heroes


      2 heroes that uses decrease armor
      3 aoe type heroes


      4 aoe type heroes
      1 support hero


      All heroes are aoe type

      Crowd Control Type:

      4 crowd control type heroes
      1 Support hero


      3 Crowd control type heroes
      2 Support hero

      5 crowd control heroes

      if you are a level 20-30 player you'll understand why these heroes are used. Aoe types intend to go for the kill, while Crowd control types intend to take all your skills until they immobile all your heroes.

      Improve your arena by recruiting these heroes or use alternative heroes that can be used temporary for them. You may not encounter that much of these heroes yet because wukong is the newest server, but you'll notice that when you reach the 1-5% rank on arena, these heroes starts appearing on your opponents lineup

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