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  • General Raid sudjestions <3

    I've been playing on hello hero for quite some time and managed to get a lot of 6 stars by now, Some have proven to be exceptionally useful,
    especially in the Arena(Dylan, Sally, Kali), other have been able to turn the tides in high level dungeons(Miho, Lak, Emma). But now I want
    to rise to the next level, but I'm having trouble raising up the charts on the boss raids, I've read a lot of guides and sound advice in the past
    but each player's situation is unique. Now I need someone with a lot more experience to help me build up good teams to raise my ranking
    in the high tier boss raids to get more sparkly gems <3 Everyone's opinon will be taken into consideration and Highly appreciated!

    Right now this is my hero situation:

    BNJ+5 crit, evade
    Miho+5 hp, hp
    Veteran Bo+5 enhanced, evade, evade
    Sorceress Sally+5 crit, crit
    Dylan+5 crit, crit
    General Eric+5 Evade, Evade
    Nurse Gale+5 crit, crit
    Maid Emma+5 hp, dex
    Lloyd +5 double enhanced, counter, counter
    Rebel Kali+5 crit, crit
    Teddybear Sky+5 enhanced, hp, hp
    SFT+5 enhanced, hp, dex, dex/hp
    Captain Lak+5 hp, hp
    Samurai Musashi+5 crit, crit
    Asmodeus+5 enhanced, dex, dex, dex/hp
    Brock the godhand focus, focus
    Rebecca hp, hp
    Stricker Diego counter, counter
    Swordmaiden Yui
    Apollon, crit, crit
    Queen's Fool Yorick crit, crit
    Sir Lancelot crit, crit
    Heavenly messenger Pigsy crit, crit
    Taekwondo Victoria focus, focus
    Muay thai Khun crit, crit
    Ice Hockey Gordie
    Coco from Golden Forest crit, crit
    Hansung the mysterious hp, hp
    Divine Warrior Wukong crit, crit
    Major Gok

    Most of them aren't even upgraded to +5 but I'm at a stalemate on which ones are actually worth upgrading first or last.
    Or on which ones should I use which pieces of equipment Thanks in advance to everyone! Boldpus and Pintaurus
    are really the ones that bother me the most, since i'm usually in the top 5/6% on the bignose raid, but If anyone has
    a way to better my ranking on bignose as well I'd really be grateful.