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Boss Raid Guide - Pintaurus

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  • Boss Raid Guide - Pintaurus

    Now, Its Pintaurus. Trouble of Pintaurus is his KO skill and fast colddown Begining of Death (45s). I try some new stragey for him but failed, only do 22 to 27k damage

    About stragey for him, i think everyone know: using Genie and immune spell. But for make more damage in Pintaurus, you should care something:
    - Pintaurus never using KO on first skill but he can stun slot 2 on it, so dont put Genie in slot 2.
    - Pintaurus decrease damage skill has 70s colddown and Monk/Thomas remove debuff have 108s colddown, so if Pintaurus using decrease damage when Monk/Thomas remove debuff colddown only around 25%, you should wait Pintaurus decrease damage again and remove all.

    For someone dont has Genie in team: You can play buff something usefull and die on slot 2. Ya, put some hero have usefull buff same as Fighter Rina (buff dex 4 turn), Swordmaiden Yui (35% attack damage) ... on slot 2, with that, you can raise your score 3-5k.

    For someone dont has Monk Xuanzang or Thomas: priority of remove debuff skill is type of debuff, number of debuff then % hp then slot number. If all yout team has same decrease damage debuff, same hp, your support will remove debuff on slot 1 first, then 2, then 3 so on. That why put your support and genie if you have in slot 4-5

    Recommend Team:
    Teadybear Pinky - Figure Queen Yura / Kung Fu Hugh - White Knight Harold - Scarecrow Thomas - Genie
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    try to change Genie to Yura position. And if you have Thomas, use him.
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