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    Presented to you by MIF•Yuulin
    Server, Wukong

    ~ Introduction of Mama Chicken ~

    First of all keep in mind that Mama Chicken Raid is different than any other Raid. In Mama Chicken raid, you have to dish as many damages as you can before Mama Chicken cast a skill that can KNOCK OUT all your party members.

    Mama Chicken Skills :
    • Chicken Rush! : Summons 4 chicken eggs (cooldown : 15 seconds).
    • Chick Blitz! : Summons 1 chicken egg (cooldown : 23 seconds).
    • Sunny Side Down! : Deal 1000% AoE Damage, effectively knocking all party members (Casted after the second RAVING MAD ! warning).
    ~ What You Need to Know ~
    • Mama Chicken is IMMUNE to ALL DEBUFFS, be it status ailment or action debuff (such as decrease attack, decrease defense, stun, confuse, and etc).
    • Mama Chicken Babies have an EXTREMELY LOW HP which means, trying to inflict freeze status on them is USELESS as they are more likely to die from 1 hit.
    • Unlike Boldpus, Mama Chicken Babies is WEAKER than Mama Chicken itself, so FOCUS BUFF is NOT NEEDED.
    • Chaining you skills after doing a critical damage would give you more damage.
    • Approximately it will take’s TWO RAVING MAD ! warning before she cast her knock out skill.
    ~ Preparation in Boss Raiding’s ~
    • In Time Attack get the INCREASE ATTACK BUFF or CRITICAL BUFF.
    • TURN OFF the Auto, 2x, and 4x Speed Button.
    ~ Heroes Lineup ~

    Note : I listed these heroes based on their pure stats at Lv. 30 and +5 upgrade. I also put some of *5 heroes, considering not all people have most of the*6 heroes.
    Remember, what you need the most in Mama Chicken Raid is : ATTACK INCREASER, BALANCED AOE SKILLS, AND SINGLE DEALER SKILLS.

    While Mama Chicken is immune to debuffs, your best bet would be to rely on your buffer heroes to maximize your damage. This is why ATTACK INCREASER is needed in your deck.

    List of Attack Increaser Heroes (from most recommended to least recommended) :
    • Swordmaiden Yui (*6) : Moon Makeup! (Increase all allies attack damage by 35% for 2 turns, cd 84 sec).
    • Rebel Kali (*6) : Rebel War Cry! (Increase all allies attack damage by 35% for 2 turns, cd 84 sec).
    • Agent Magpie (*6) : Ready to Fly (Increase all allies in back row attack damage by 45% for 2 turns, cd 84 sec).
    • General Lak (*5) : Boost Morale (Increase all allies attack damage by 30% for 2 turns, cd 84 sec).
    • Major Gok (*6) : Cry of Rage (Increase all allies attack damage by 35% for 2 turns, cd 96 sec).
    Both Rebel Kali and Swordmaiden Yui are the most recommended one, just pick which type of skill you need the most in your raids. If it’s area one then go for Rebel Kali. If it’s single dealer then go for Swordmaiden Yui. But status wise, Swordmaiden Yui got higher Dexterity (27) than Rebel Kali (26). As for Agent Magpie, his buff got a higher percentage (40%) than other heroes, however this only applicable to back row heroes. Major Gok, despite being a *6 heroes, is least more useful than General Lak because of his low dexterity (18) which means, he won’t be able to deal normal hits frequently.

    There is also an option to bring a Critical Buffer in your party (Franken *6 : Increase all allies critical rate to 45%). This however doesn’t give a 100% chance that your heroes will always crit, (except if your heroes is high in critical) however this can be done, especially if you want to keep chaining your skills, which means you will need lot’s of Single Dealer skills.

    These heroes would greatly aid in wiping all the summoned babies chicken. However, do take consideration of their skills cooldowns and dexterity.

    List of Pure AoE Dealer (from most recommended to least recommended) :
    • Don Jobara (*6) : Bullet Rain (cd 80 sec), Rain of Money (cd 88 sec), Dex 20.
    • Duke Venture (*6) : Gloomy Monday (cd 80 sec), Bloody Field (cd 90 sec), Dex 20.
    • Sorceress Sally (*6) : Clap of Thunder (cd 88 sec), Squeak (cd 102 sec), Dex 20.
    • Halloween Witch Sally (*6) : Clap of Thunder (cd 88 sec), Meteor (cd 102 sec), Dex 20.
    It’s obvious why i would recommend Don Jobara, he got the lowest skill cd, not to mention all these heroes seems to be on par in term of dexterity. However, just remember that the longest their cooldown is, the more risky the boss raid will be, because there is a chance where Mama Chicken already summon all her babies but all your AOE skills are in cooldowns.


    Single Dealer are divided into two, PURE SINGLE DEALER and DAMAGE OVER TIME DEALER. However i will write their status without writing the DAMAGE OVER TIME DEALER second damage inflict capability since Mama Chicken would not be inflicted by their poison, which means their damage is only counted once.

    List of Single Dealer (from most recommended to least recommended) :
    • White Knight Harold (*6) : Ravaging Light (Deals 190% damage), Holy Burst (Deals 200% damage), Base Damage 898, Dex 20.
    • Dark Knight Eric (*6) : Flaming Blade (Deals 190% damage), Burning Hatred (Deals 200% damage), Base Damage 898, Dex 20.
    • Arctic Artemis (*6) : Nimble Cat (Deals 185% damage), Cool Cat Dance (Deals 200% damage), Base Damage 790. Dex 28.
    • Taekwondo Victoria (*6) : Axe Kick! (Deals 180% damage), Spin Kick! (Deals 185% damage), Base Damage 778, Dex 21.
    • Megamech Supreme (*6) : Supreme Missile (Deals 180% damage), Supreme Charge (Deals 190% damage), Base Damage 868, Dex 19.
    • Kung Fu Hugh (*6) : Cutting Bamboo (Deals 200% damage), Gimme Bamboo (Deals 135% damage), Base Damage 898, Dex 20.
    • Figure Queen Yura (*6) : Carmel Spin (Deals 125% damage), Perfect Finale (Deals 195% damage), Base Damage 868, Dex 19.
    • Samurai Musashi (*6) : Speed Slash (Deals 135% damage), Fine Cut (Deals 190% damage), Base Damage 868, Dex 19.
    • Fenrir (*6) : Prey Lock On (Deals 180% damage), Nail Slash (Deals 120% damage), Base Damage 868, Dex 19.
    • Muay Thai Khun (*6) : Gut Kick (Deals 180% damage), Muay Thai (Deals 140% damage). Base Damage 778, Dex 26.
    • Fighter Ruri (*5) : Kitty Kick (Deals 120% damage), Hopping Tornado (Deals 190% damage), Base Damage 687, Dex 19.
    • Fantastic Show (*6) : Super Missile Drop Kick (Deals 180% damage), Super Noogie (Deals 180% damage), Base Damage 574, Dex 19.

    HYBRID DEALER is Heroes that have AOE and Single Dealer skill. This can be a great addition in the deck if you have no PURE AOE DEALER or SINGLE DEALER. Plus, some of these dealer is very strong and have a high dexterity status.

    List of Hybrid Dealer (from most recommended to least recommended) :
    • Queen’s Fool Yorick (*6) : Dangerouse Games (AOE, cd 84 sec), Jokes on You (Deals 300% damage), Base Damage 790, Dex 28.
    • Dylan (*6) : Family Honor (AOE, cd 69 sec), Sword of Blood (Deals 195% damage), Base Damage 898, Dex 22.
    • Agnid (*6) : Lava Breath (AOE, cd 69 sec), Incinerate (Deals 200% damage), Base Damage 748, Dex 27.
    • Marine Brian (*6) : Smoke Bomb (AOE, cd 84 sec), ACP (Deals 200% damage), Base Damage 718, Dex 28.
    • Rebel Bolo (*6) : Disruptive Strike (AOE, cd 84 sec), Not so Fast (Deals 200% damage), Base Damage 868, Dex 26.
    • Coco from The Golden Forest (*6) : Hit’em All! (AOE, cd 70 sec), Got You! (Deals 180% damage), Base Damage 838, Dex 20.
    • Veteran Bo (*6) : Fire in the Hole! (AOE, cd 88 sec), M60 Rifle (Deals 190% damage), Base Damage 718, Dex 26.
    • Divine Warrior Wukong (*6) : Gold Goa (AOE, cd 92 sec), Feminime Vengeance (Deals 190% damage), Base Damage 718, Dex 22.
    • Radon (*5) : Lava Breath (AOE, cd 72 sec), Dragon’s Mark (Deals 180% damage), Base Damage 510, Dex 18.


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      ~ Creating Your Deck ~

      As i have stated above, what you need to be in your deck are ATTACK INCREASER, AOE SKILLS, AND SINGLE DEALER SKILLS. There are many ways in creating your deck. What you need to keep in mind however are :
      • Sufficient amount of AOE skills,
      • strong single dealer,
      • attack buffer,
      • skills cooldown time,
      • and heroes dexterity.
      Deck’s Examples :
      • Dylan – Don Jobara (FRONT), Queen’s Fool Yorick – Swordmaiden Yui – Dark Knight Eric (BACK)
      Above deck have 4 AOE skills, 4 Single Dealer skills, and an Attack Buffer. This is an Example of balanced type of deck.
      • Dylan – Agnid (FRONT), Queen’s Fool Yorick – Marine Brian – Swordmaiden Yui (BACK)
      Above deck have 4 AOE skills, 5 Single Dealer skills, and an Attack Buffer. This deck is not balance between the number of AOE skills and Single Dealer skills. However, i believe that 4 AOE skills is enough while doing Mama Chicken raid. The extra single dealer skills can be used in case you get the chance to unleash 2 Single Dealer skills, instead of one.
      • Don Jobara – Swordmaiden Yui (FRONT), Queen’s Fool Yorick – White Knight Harold – Rebel Kali (BACK)
      If you want to be more bold, you can choose this deck instead. So far this is the best type of deck that i would recommend. 4 AOE skills, 4 Single Dealer skills, and 2 Attack Buffer.
      All the deck above that i listed is just an example of a deck you can bring. To be honest, attack buffer is actually a must bring heroes. However, i do understand that some people doesn’t have an Attack Buffer heroes. In situation like this, feel free to fill that position with any hero you like. Maybe a critical buffer heroes ? I’ve never do a test run with a crit buff before so i won’t recommend it in my guide, yet. Well, feel free to create your own deck using your own creativity~!

      ~ Boss Raid Strategy ~

      Once more i will remind you, do TIME ATTACK before starting your boss raid ! Attack Buff or Critical Buff, choose which ever you think the best for your deck. You may use x2 / x4 Button if you’re quick and handy enough in doing these raids. However, i would suggest you to not using it to also giving opportunity for your heroes to hit Mama Chicken giving a bonus points.

      Now into the boss raiding :

      First, buff your party. If you don’t have a buffer, then just use your most strong single dealer skill in this turn.

      Second, Mama Chicken will use either Chick Blitz! Or Chicken Rush skills.

      (Here is one of tactics you can use in doing Mama Chicken raid. When she uses Chicken Rush skills first, instead of immediately using your AOE skill, let your heroes hit some of the babies first, then Mama Chicken would use Chicken Blitz! Summoning one more babies. Then use your AOE skills clearing all her babies. Now you’re free to attack Mama Chicken.)
      Third, after Mama Chicken babies are wiped out, use your most strong single dealer skills. There is a chance you can use two skills if Mama Chicken skills is not yet on cooldown. You can find out by clicking the second skill immediately after using the first skill, this possibility also apply when your heroes doing a critical damage, then you will be able to chain your skills. However if she summon her babies, cancel your skill quickly and focus back on clearing her babies.

      Fourth, remember to use your buff whenever they’re available for use again.


      Repeat all this steps until you’ve reach the second RAVING MAD ! warning, signaling Mama Chicken instant knock out skills.

      ~ Note ~
      I apologize if there is a mistake or error in this guide. But i do hope that this guide can be useful to you guys. Best luck in doing Mama Chicken Raid !

      p.s : I hope having two post is okay since my guide exceed the limited words (10.000) words. :x