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    Reading around and chatting with other players, it seems that there are different opinions about which is the better team against the bosses. I'd like to discuss and clarify this topic in one place, explaining the reasons. So let's start with my own opinion:


    Teddybear Pinky (somebody preferes Shaken, but I think that dex debuff is important), Genie (better in front line than in rear line)

    Figure Queen Yura (best DPS, but late when Pinta became immune less effective), White Knight Harold, Scarecrow Thomas

    I used to have Swordmaiden Yui to use her attack buff, instead of Yura to minimize pinta debuff, but it looks to be not so effective.


    Miho, Monk Xuanzang

    White Knight Harold, Maid Emma, Dark Knight Eric

    Here too, I used to have Yui instead of the monk to use her attack buff, but it's better to have two healers.


    Fighter Rina (or Taekwondo Victoria), Rebel Bolo (for dext debuff and may cause blind to tentacles, so it's better than Coco)

    White Knight Harold, Miya, Dark Knight Eric

    Mama Chicken:

    Rebel Kali (attack buff is a must have here), Dylan

    Queen's Fool Yorick, Arctic Artemis (best cool down and dext), Don Jobara

    Please give your idea!

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    Pintaurus: schacken or lloyd preferred (because of the fast cooldown of its immune spell skill). Previous pintaurus raid top 1 had a score of 350k in Keronic (top 1 used lloyd), highest i've seen in all servers and all time high score i've seen in my entire HH career as of to date.
    LU: schacken/lloyd, genie (front) wkh, dke, monk/thomas (back)

    Bignose: given line up is generic, the key is to have good items and ascensions.. and of course to know the sequence.
    LU: miho, emma (front) wkh dke monk (back)

    Boldpus: It's better to use focus items instead of focus skill type heroes, Someone in Keronic can score 600k and up using focus items on both wkh and dke. Rina could be good but the risk is quite high especially if Boldpus casts arctic simultaneously. Anyway, the key is to have 2 healers too preferably Emma and Monk/Thomas. The key is to stack up less dex so the debuffs on the boss will stay longer and have a high dex monk or thomas.
    LU1: rina, emma (front) wkh dke monk/thomas (back)
    LU2: gok (full focus), monk (front) wkh dke (full focus) emma (back) **by the way, preferred item on wkh & dke is seiizabao's ring + 2 crit items or dylan's pocket watch and 1 foc and 1 crit item**
    LU3: Franken (full focus). monk/thomas (front) wkh dke (full focus) emma (back).

    Mama Chicken: because of the upcoming update, i have no idea. But on the current state, the key is to having heroes with long skill animations.. 5 aoe skills and 4 single target skills and an increase attack buff skill. Why have heroes will long skill animations? once you cast a skill, the tendency is you can cast another one even if it doesn't crit. Another note is that you have to prevent the normal counter from moving or prevent mama chicken to do a normal attack as much as possible, you can only do this if you have long skill animations
    LU: Kali, jobara (front) bolo/pigsy, wkh & yorick (back)
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      Great! That's the purpose of this topic. A different point of view
      Thanks a lot.
      I hope Others will follow