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DUNGEON 100 - The Easiest Way

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  • DUNGEON 100 - The Easiest Way

    This Dungeon consists of Krater and his summoned Magma pets. Please take note the magma pets will inflict you 1000 damage while leaving them with almost no HP(about 1). The line-up that i used was an immune to skill plus genie combo. My line-up was Diego (+0) DKE (lvl36+5 though WKH or Ling is better with -armor) Rosie, Emma and Genie. First cast Diego's immune to damage Skill, then Genie provoke and you are up and running. For the magma's use Rosie's 25% knockout ability for fast result but she can be substituted for another dealer. Key here is to refresh Diego's skill and genie's provoke. If you are lazy enough use Rosie's counter attack boost to keep Diego busy. If he is stunned, Emma would be much willing to remove it. It is one of the easiest Dungeons so far that you will hear Diego and Genie laughing. Also have i mentioned DKE can inflict massive damage?
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    Nice! Thank you so much But one note, the golem is immune. Rosie KO won't work
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      Rosie's KO skill is not for Krater, it is for the summoned magma pets to speed up the process and outrun Krater's summoning. I did not bring an AOE -atk hero in this dungeon since genie lets Diego provoke. However, Krater and the Magmas are still dangerous and still pack heavy damage when they counter-attack so Emma's -dex is helpful to stack -atk on Krater just in case they retaliate. Rosie was killed by counter-attack with Krater's health still at 10%. Also, Krater has +armor buff but Genie can actually steal it so Genie is reallly usefull in this game rather than bringing Anubis or Thutmose.


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        i use rebecca as alternative to emma, because of her revival ability.
        sometimes, the krater retaliates/counters and some of your heroes might die.

        it is one of the dungeons where striker diego and rebecca may shine.


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          Any tips for someone without Genie? Been stuck on this for a while. Im guessing its possible with two immune to damage heroes in the front (belph and pale rider) with rebecca for res, and a little luck. Probably best to wait for Genie, but curious on other tatics.
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