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How I Finished Dungeon 103

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  • How I Finished Dungeon 103

    The Enemies: (Front) Fluxion Schaken x2 (BACK) Destroyer Faust, Destroyer Listic and Big Nose
    My Line-Up : (Front) Lvl 33+5 Mighty Ox King Lvl33+1 Captain Lak (BACK) Lvl30+5 Avril, Lvl30+5 Miya, Lvl32+5 Anubis
    The Strategy: Get +armor buff from time attack to improve survivability and heal and put this on normal speed. The main threat for this dungeon is Big Nose's attacks especially his AoE damage that's why I tried two +armor heroes (MOK and Lak) and two -atk (Avril and Anubis). Big Nose casts his "Beginning of Death" spell once in a while so it is important to alternate your two +armor skills to alleviate the damage (use Mok's skill then Lak's 75% armor). Spam -atk skills as much as possible since one of the enemies can cleanse ally status and use Miya's heal everytime.
    Steps: Start the round by casting Avril and Anubis' -atk then use MoK's +armor. If Big Nose removes your armor then immediately use Lak's +armor buff. Use Avril and Anubis' -atk buff as much as possible while use Anubis remove enemy buff on the Fluxions' immune skills and/or enemy's +atk buff. Since you are a defensive unit, survivability is not a problem unless Listic decides to removes spells on Big Nose and he starts to use his AoE damage and snort so make sure to use Miya's skill to replenish HP. That's it! Alternate +armor, use both -atk on enemies, heal as much as possible the unleash Avril and Lak's atk. If you are lucky, Avril atk might stun one of the two Fluxions in front avoiding the possibilty of Listic cleansing Big Nose status.
    Additional note/s: Make sure Avril is full focus type. You can also try to make MoK or Lak as your party leader.
    Reward: 5* armor
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    Try to put an image next time on your guide =) But this guide is awesome. I hope other ppl will consider this one Keep it up!
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      I would love to add a photo but everytime I try to upload the resulting image when clicked is almost not viewable. Would you teach me how? Thanks


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        hi genocromie,
        try uploading first in this website:

        it offers free uploading of picture. once you upload the pic you can paste here by looking for the "IMG Code for Forums & Message Board" word
        and just copy pasting the image code in here.

        here is my screenie for dg 103 by the way.
        almost same strategy as above, i agree with genocromie, its an alternate defensive skill play.
        for me, i used miho for provoke against those schackens and BN's evade by my bignose.
        my BN died on the last end while i was doing the screenshot. (should've paid more attention... )

        also, it is also worth noting that every time that when enemy BN uses his skill 300% dmg cd 60 secs), his life gets lessen.
        this means that since the enemy line up does not have heal, BN's life will go down inevitably.
        you can ride this thing out by spamming your defensive skills, eventually his life will be so low you will have no trouble killing him.
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          Should I have to have Avril? Any alternative? I'm stuck!
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            Well you can you give one slot to Big Nose and replace one of the tanks. Evasion helps in survivability and his single attack is better than Avril. Just make sure BN is pure focus like Avril.


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              Noooooo! any other options? NO BN and Avril here.. -on my Balos Account
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              IGN: SirLibid0
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                This dungeon needs defensive strategy because the damage output is insanely high especially the AoE. Defensive strategy means using armor, evade, -atk, etc. For this dungeon +armor buff is important but Big Nose has "beginning of death" skill that removes your stacked buffs. So the solution is to alternate +armor and another buff like evade and another +armor buff (Capt, Lak's 75% armor) for survival. After BN removed your stacked buffs, you are defenseless and exposed for the next series of attacks. Or you can use a decoy hero so that BN removes the hero's buff and then cast your +armor/evade.
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