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How I Finished Dungeon 143

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  • How I Finished Dungeon 143

    The Enemies : Don Jobara and his Battle Dog Kambo summons. DJ has 2 AoE attack skills one has decrease armor and the other has chance to confuse. The summons however have silence/stun skills in addition to +atk buff.

    My Line-up : Miho, Hansung the Mysterious, Don Jobara, Anubis the Jackal and Monk. Hansung can be replaced by any AoE armor redux hero (e.g. Rocket King Toad,etc) but i chose Hansung because he can tank,self-heal and equipped with counter-items to increase damage output.

    The Procedure : Please take note that DJ will just summon new pets everytime you kill one so the priority here is to kill DJ not the pets. His AoE is not a big deal but combine it with their -armor and +atk buff then it will sweep your team. So the best way to eliminate DJ is using..take a guess.....AoE. In my case i used an AoE hero name...take another guess...Don Jobara himself (oh what an irony). Start the round by using Miho's provoke because she will absorb all the disables and single attacks then support her with Anubis attack redux and Monk's healing. Prioritize your defense over offense. Remove -armor on your team and dispel +atk before DJ unleash his AoE skills. Once your team is safe start attacking by using Hansung armor redux and DJ's dual aoe attacks. Don't forget that enemy DJ can cleanse status so make sure you put armor redux after he does so. Just continue the process until one Don Jobara is left standing. Do not forget to refresh Miho provoke in between rounds.

    The reward : 5* Item