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How I Finished Dungeon 144

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  • How I Finished Dungeon 144

    The Enemies : Poppin Henry, Breakin Meteor, Dancing Machine Gun. Skills include AoE remove buff, stun, +armor,evasion,etc.

    My Line-up : Miho, Mighty Ox King, WKH, Anubis and Miya. I think any line-up will do as long Anubis is included to remove the armor buff. Miya can be replaced by any AoE cleanse hero, Provoker is optional since there are two enemy debuffer and Mok can be replaced by another healer.

    The Procedure : Enemies cannot remove negative status so with a decent amount of attack redux their damage output is almost negligible. In fact, this is a very easy dungeon. Just continue attacking after casting armor redux,remove their +armor,remove disabilities on your team, heal etc.

    The Reward : 5* item