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How I Finished Dungeon 145

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  • How I Finished Dungeon 145

    The Enemies : Fantastic Show, Heart Fire and "i-forgot-the-name" guy AKA "name-does-not-matter"guy. Enemies has stun capability and all of them has immune to both damage and spell. In addition, Fastastic Show has attack+heal. All three of them can be disabled.

    My Line-up : Miho,WKH,Nurse Gale,Anubis and Miya. Actually you can chain stun them and stack -dex but you need proper timing since they have immune to spell skill. I brought Nurse for additional damage and buff removal.

    The procedure : Cast provoke to start things up and then follow it with Anubis' attack redux. Use only Anubis' debuff skill if all of them have their shield on and follow it up with Gale's. Now start attacking with Gale's stun and WKH atk+armor redux and finally his 200% dmg. The only problem with this dungeon is the enemies are using the immune shields in alternate which makes it difficult to bring them down efficiently. But using the process above will kill them one by one. As for FS, make sure to keep him stunned because he can heal.

    The Reward : 65 carats
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