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How i Finished Dungeon 146

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  • How i Finished Dungeon 146

    The Enemies : Same as 145 but this time there are 5 of them. All but FS can be disabled.

    My Line-up: Miho, Enlightened Lingling,Nurse Gale,Avril and Monk. I tried using Anubis prior to Avril but with no success. Using this set-up I have 3 CC skills.

    The Procedure : The key skill here is FREEZE and our goal is to keep the other four frozen so that all attacks go to FS. Killing FS is our main priority to avoid summoning of new pets. Also FS has a counter-attack buff which is very deadly so try using Gale's debuff as much as possible. Start the round with Miho's provoke then Avril's attack redux. The four sidekicks have immune to damage but you can freeze them. When all four are frozen, focus on killing FS ASAP while removing the counter buff on the process. Once he is gone, life is easier for you because you can chain stun everyone now. In short, the technique here is "elimination by isolation". As for your team remove the attack redux on your team before attacking

    The Reward : 5* item
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