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How I Finished Dungeon 147

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  • How I Finished Dungeon 147

    The Enemies : 5 Amazing Lexy. Enemies skills include stun/confuse capabilities,+dex and plus attack.

    My Line-up : Master Lee (immunity shield), Swordmaiden Yui(+atk buff), Genie(provoke front), Veteran Bo(-armor), Space Fkying AoE(80% AoE)
    Having Rebel Kali definitely helps because you get +atk buff and AoE in one hero.

    The Procedure : These ladies in spandex have tremendous amount of damage output that using 3rd enhanced Miho is simply not enough. Thus, i used the usual Genie+immune to damage set-up to divert all the attention to Master Lee. As you probably noticed I did not bring any cleanse hero to remove disability on Lee but don't you won't need it since Lee's 3 turns shield is enough to last for the whole fight. The major problem however is the possibility of any enemy would counter attack with stack of +atk on them which will surely one-hit any member of your team but Lee. This is the very reason I chose SFA instead of 2 AoE skills heroes like DJ and Sally. Before I use any AoE skill i make sure to dispel any stacked +atk on the enemies in case they counter attack. To start the round,set-up the Genie+immune before the Lexies start their offensive. You can start your attack immediately by using Yui's +atk her own. Before launching Bo's and SFA's AoE skills make sure the enemies do not have a stack of buff on them. Once the stacked buffs are dispelled give your AoE heroes the green light. Just continue on stacking +atk of your own while casting armor redux on opposing team and you'll see the opponents melting to your AoE damage.

    The Reward : 5* item
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