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How I Finished Dungeon 149

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  • How I Finished Dungeon 149

    The Enemies : Fantastic Show and his minis. FS has both immune to spell and damage shield and can summon pets. The minis has confuse capabilities but can be disabled.

    My Line-up : Master Lee, Genie, Enlightened Lingling, Nurse Gale and White Knight Harold. Their damage output was really a problem so Genie+immune is the best strategy for this dungeon. Make sure to place Genie in front just in case Lee dies (More about this later). You probably noticed i didn't bring any healer or cleanser the reason is you don't need any as long as your shield and provoke set-up is working.

    The Strategy : In the movie The Dark Knight, Joker made one of his iconic lines "We kill the Batman." For this dungeon, we kill FS we win. Our goal is to freeze all the summons so that all attacks go to FS to eliminate him fast. Start the round by the usual Genie+immune set-up then freeze every summon. Make Genie steal the immune to dmg shield because this will serve as your insurance when Lee dies in the later stage making him the perfect provoker. When every summon is frozen, start your offensive repertoire just don't forget to remove FS shield before putting WKH and Ling's -armor though. Eventually Lee will die because his 3 turn shield is not enough to outlast FS HP so make sure Genie has obtained a shield already and cast provoke.

    Special Note: Only use Gale's debuff when both of his shields are up. Let Genie steal only the shield from the summons and dedicate all your massive attacks to FS.

    The Reward : 4* Hero
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