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How I Finished Dungeon 150

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  • How I Finished Dungeon 150

    The Enemies : 2 Mafia Sanchero, 2 Mafia Gapne and Don Jobara. Skills include AoE Skills with chance to confuse and armor redux and some single attacks, +dex and crit. The two enemies in the front can be disabled as well as DJ.

    My Line-Up : Master Lee, Mighty Ox King (FRONT) Fantastic Show, Anubis the Jackal and Monk Xuanzang. Actually Lee can be replaced by any
    -armor hero (e.g. Hansung with counter-attack) if your team is composed of 2nd to 3rd enhanced heroes OR -atk hero like Avril if you still find the enemies AoE dmg overwhelming.

    The Strategy : Prioritize defense over offense. If you want you can get +def buff from TA and make your tank the party leader. The key here is to keep the 3 mentioned heroes disabled while continuing to cast attack redux on the opponent and using +armor on your team. With enough buff their AoE skills are almost negligible you don't need to heal for the most part. Cleanse armor redux on your team as much as possible before they launch their Aoes as well as confuse. Dispel the dex and +atk buff on them and you can ignore the crit buff especially if you have stacked +armor already. Honestly it is not even a difficult dungeon so you can relax and maybe after you disable the 3 you can put this thing on auto.

    The Reward : 6* item
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