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Hero Showcase: Sun Wukong the Monkey King!

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  • Hero Showcase: Sun Wukong the Monkey King!

    Greetings Guardians, this Hero Showcase features the Monkey King from the Far Far East,

    The furry trickster we all know and love! - Son Wukong!

    Wukong is a dealer so he favors a Critical/Critical item set!

    Feminine Vengeance: Deals 190% attack damage and Decreases an enemy attack damage by 35% for 2 turns
    Gold Goa: Deals 60% attack damage and 7% chance to confuse all enemies for 2 turns


    Very useful hero with Boss raid especially for Bignose and Boldpus.

    Son Wukong is a solid damage dealer, he has a single target debuff with low cooldowns that reduces enemy attack damage.
    A debuff skill with a short cooldown (cd) makes it possible to stack debuffs and in turn lowering the enemy's attack damage to its lowest possible point in a short amount of time.

    Avril is another hero used for her attack damage debuff and is a strong competitor against Son Wukong for the main slot of your deck against Boss Raid. However, the longer cooldown usually isn't worth the AoE debuff she provides with the exception of the Boldpus bossraid (as you can reduce damage from all enemies/tentacles).

    Son Wukong can be also used as a secondary pick against Pintaurus if you don't have a good dealer hero with debuff skills.

    Want to see Sun Wukong in action? Check out here! -

    Tell us what you think about Sun Wukong Guardians!

    Happy Gaming!

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    at first i thought this was an amazing boss score...

    then i realized you're using a hax maid, haha... (45% and 39 sec cooldown, like whoa)


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      One of the most versatile hero :3 and my personal favorite
      "The World is not fair, but that doesn't mean you can't win."


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        lol... it's like they are only making hero showcase for the 6* i got thx... i guess...
        between he's one of my favorite 6* hero
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        • lithe333
          lithe333 commented
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          then you have a good team for bignose?
          since they are doing the 5 in the video for now...
          I assume there will be another video later

        • ektalion
          ektalion commented
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          hum.. i don't think so. genie is not on this team and they did (he did???) a hero showcase for him

        • ektalion
          ektalion commented
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          oh i almost forgot. my bignose team is well... decent ( does this word exist in english, it does in french). not impressive but not bad dylan +5 son wukong +5 veteran ryan +5 maid emma and RLJ

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        Hmm why showcase heroes that are considered top tier? Would rather those heroes that are undervalued like Diego coco or better yet thutmose. Unless even milo had all but given up on them


        • Fincon Milo
          Fincon Milo commented
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          A lot of the heroes which aren't valued as top tier have more nuanced uses which need more preparation to show their usage. Frankly it's business not a lack of belief in certain heroes. ^^

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        he is one of my fovuorite hero togheter with don jobara (it's so powerful !!) and demon best king (one of the beast tank/supporter)


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          Fincon J & Fincon Milo,

          I'm the fan of Son Wukong...and now he has his own serve which seems special important hero in HH. Would you consider about improving his stats since he has very poor defend also skills and no one care about using him anymore after Dark Knight appeared. Please make the Divine Warrior Son Wukong more awesome!!

          SwordArk of Keronic


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            Nice, above information, always victorious Game hello Hero

            GM R4V43L
            selver : Keronic