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Hero Showcase: Demon Beast King, The Tanky Titan of the East

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  • Hero Showcase: Demon Beast King, The Tanky Titan of the East

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    Greetings Guardians,

    Stomping through the barren lands of Armon comes a monstrous beast from the East. With lava-colored skin and a body so massive that the ground trembles when he walks, the Demon Beast King makes his presence known wherever he roams. Often quiet and passive, once the Titan from the East gets going he can be almost impossible to take down. The Demon Beast King is quite possibly one of THE strongest tanker in ALL of Armon!

    1) Stats:

    2) Skills:
    - Fighting Bull (96sec Cooldown): Decreases all enemies armor by 50% for 2 turns
    - Spirited Bull (96sec Cooldown): Increases all allies armor by 50% for 2 turns

    With his seemingly endless HP and impenetrable armor, the Demon Beast King makes his value known in Arena teams where he never seems to die. His ability to decrease the enemy team’s armor, while increasing his own team’s is a skill that can make or break champion teams. Because of his stats and skills, it comes to no surprise that HP items are the most natural fit for this Titan. Pairing him with counterattack items can also be a useful strategy as his strong attacks and high survivability rate can slowly chop down the strongest teams. Take advantage of this Beast from the East and win wars with him on your team!

    Share your own thoughts and strategies for The Demon Beast King!
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    one of the best all around heroes so far. used it numerous times in dungeons
    IGN: GTskye
    Guild: GTadik
    Server: Keronic