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Hero Showcase: Fantastic Show, The Lively Luchador

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  • Hero Showcase: Fantastic Show, The Lively Luchador

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    Greetings Guardians,

    Coming from a long lineage of famous luchadores, the masked man simply known as Fantastic Show, embodies everything his name entails. Before drop-kicking his way into Armon, he was known as the World Champion of Lucha Libre and possibly the most talented luchador in history. Both strong and quick, he is everything a Hybrid Hero should be.

    1). Stats:

    2). Skills:
    - Super Missle Drop Kick (78sec Cooldown): Deals 180% attack damage and stuns an enemy for 2 turns
    - Super Noogie! (72sec Cooldown): Deals 180% attack damage and confuses an enemy for 3 turns (disables use of skills and attacks on allies)

    Being a hybrid, he can withstand attacks from most Heroes long enough to dish out his own damage. With the ability to stun an enemy and have them attack each other, Fantastic Show is one of the most important Heroes to have on your team during Arena battles. As a versatile hero, he can be equipped with HP, Dexterity, or Focus items. Each gives him a set advantage and it all depends on what type of team he is put on. Having him on your team automatically puts you at a great advantage to rise to the top!
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