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Arctic Artemis "The Ice Cold Swashbuckler"

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  • Arctic Artemis "The Ice Cold Swashbuckler"

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    Greetings Guardians,

    While the three Tom brothers are known across the lands for their swordsmanship, there lies another who is just as skilled, if not better than all three brothers combined. Trailing on the cold winds of the North, Arctic Artemis has made his way into the lands of Armon. Many say he is the one who taught the three Toms the art of fighting with the swords! Though his relationship with them is vague at best, it is clear that there lies some sort of connection between them. With a special vest to keep him protected from the coldest winters, this swashbuckling swordsman is nearly unrivaled when it comes to combat with the blades of steel.

    1). Stats:

    1st Enhancement

    2nd Enhancement

    3rd Enhancement

    2) Skills:

    - Nimble Cat (62sec cooldown): Deals 185% attack damage to an enemy
    - Cool Cat Dance (64sec cooldown): Deals 200% attack damage to an enemy

    Arctic Artemis’ skills may not seem particularly special, but what makes it so great is the quick cooldown time. This enables him to attack swiftly with his full power more often than many Heroes. As with most dealers, critical items are best paired with his skills. His use, just like his history can be vague, but he is valuable in Arena and in future updates! The more time that passes, the more his potential and value will be recognized!

    Do not sleep on this powerful Hero! He will eventually become one of the most valuable in all of Armon!

    Happy Gaming!

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