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Guild Buff - A tuto made by a noob !

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  • Guild Buff - A tuto made by a noob !

    So lets talk about Guild buff !

    I am not a guildmaster so if I am wrong thanks to correct me and I will correct this small tuto!

    What is a guild buff?

    A guild buff is a buff that can be purchased by a guild master ONLY! GP will be used to purchase those buff. The buff can be from increase gold to increase hero drop. There are a lot of different buffs around there.

    Is guild level related to guild buff? (Unverified)

    Yes! You need to reach level 2 to be able to purchase your first batch of guild buff. The higher the guild level the higher variety of buff will be available for purchased ^^

    What happen when my guild master purchases a guild buff?

    Nothing =D! haha XD When your guild master purchases a guild buff it will be available to all the member but the members need to activate the guild buff to be able to use it.

    How do I know if my guild master has activated a guild buff?

    Go into guild then guildshop =D ! The guildshop will contain all the buff that was activated by your Guildmaster and not yet expired.

    How do I activate the guild buff that my guild master has purchased?

    In the guildshop :

    What is the timer thingy near the guild buff?

    The timer shows when the buff will expire ! Good news you can use the guild buff as much as you want during this period =D! But after each use the guild buff will go into a 6 hour cool down!

    Have fun & Hope this will help some of you XD

    Ps : A special thanks to Veo who made a special appearance in the screeny ^_^
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