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What are the buffs available at the various guild levels?

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  • What are the buffs available at the various guild levels?

    My guild is level 2, but pushing straight to 3 so I haven't seen a buff. I've heard of some of the level one buffs, but I'd love to see what folks have uncovered so far.


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    Hey ArtNJ

    I am currently working in this, I would say by the end of this week. So just stay tuned and you might see a post with all the buffs that you gain for each level .


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      hi any updates on this? or any info on available guild buffs at diff levels? my friends and I made a guild and was wondering on this. thanks!


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        I heard that level 3 has the same buffs but 5% better and that level 4 has no new buffs. But I don't know if any of that is right. Only one guild is level 5 on Armon, haven't heard anything.


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          For lvl 3 guild,the percentage will increase to 35% for normal mode and an additional buffs which is +1 honor points from arena.
          For lvl 4 guild,percentage will increase to 35% from red mushroom forest to wondrous thornland map (onyx mode)


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            awww. lvl 4 seems too far. can u guys give the required guild points for leveling up?
            and no new buff for lvl 2? sucks that we need to wait till lvl 4 for onyx buff