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how many hours for participating in the same map that was released in GW

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  • how many hours for participating in the same map that was released in GW

    I was looking for a forum post, blog post or any to solve my doubt but I found nothing.

    My question is: How many hours does a guild have to wait for participating in a map again (the same map that was released )?

    All members in my guild thought that a guild cant participate within the next 24 hrs but today we fought a map released less than 24 hrs ago and the guild who released the map could join again.

    If there is a offical blog o forum post with all the information (up to date) related to the rules of guild wars please give me the URL.
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    Taken from this link:

    With the important points being:
    "A guild which has gained control over a map, may not participate in Guild Wars for 3 days.

    Guilds may only control one map at a time. Leaving more chances for other Guilds to conquer a map!

    When a Guild War map battle appears, the Guild Master or new Co-Guild Master will have to register to participate. However, if you try to challenge a map and fail, you will be unable to participate in Guild Wars for one day! Many of the top guilds will go for the best maps, it is up to the Guild Masters to carefully decide which map is best to challenge!"

    So if you won a map, by the time its back up again, you'll be able to fight for it as you own the map for 3 days and can't participate for 3 days. If you lose a map though, you won't be able to contest a map for 24 hours.
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      May I suggest a 24 hour cool down for a guild that just came out of protecting a map before participating in another guild war so they can't consecutively own a same map over and over again?