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  • Guild Forum Rules

    Fincon Milo has just divided our Guild Wars! forum into 4 subforums for the 4 servers- ARMON, KERONIC, CUCUBITA, LINBERK.

    We've went through all your recruitment threads and sorted them into their appropriate subforums. The recruitment threads that did not include a server we deleted and sent you a private message urging you to create a new recruitment thread and post it in the appropriate subforum.

    If you cannot find your thread in any of the subforums, we apologize, but you are welcomed to create a new thread or send me a private message for more information.

    The Guilds Wars! main forum will now be restricted to actual discussions about Guilds, NOT recruitment. Again, please post Guild recruitment threads in it's appropriate subforum.

    One of our dear members had a good suggestion to have a format for Guild recruitment threads. The format would be to include the following in your thread Title:


    For eg : [Cucubita][Eng/French][Lvl 100/Arena Top 10][Nameless]

    Thank you for reading, and enjoy Season 2!
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