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    IlustradosPH GUILD LVL 4! (as of January 2016)
    AKA: enlightened ones
    Armon Guild
    GM: Bokobo (LV. 22!)

    FB GROUP? We got that!

    Mission: To create a noob and pro-friendly guild which adheres to all rules and regulations within Hello Hero, especially chat. Being the enlightened ones, it is our duty to promote and share knowledge to everyone within Armon, helping each other in times of need.

    Who can join?

    Anyone! No level requirement. You can even be inactive for a while (a month or so?) but just state your reason and when you are coming back.

    Though Ilustrados is a PH based guild, anyone who speaks English can join!

    GM Message:
    • Strictly adhere to the chat rules found here: HH is a family friendly game and the guild does not condone any form of chat violations.
    • Be friendly. Bullies will be kicked up front and will rot inside a can.
    • Communicate. If you have any issues, be it personal or in game, you are free to discuss it within IlustradosPH. (GM is a good listener J)
    • Chat with English or Filipino language only. If you are going to discuss something in another language, kindly translate in English for everyone to understand J
    • Chat in Guild mode, ALL-1, 2, and 3.
    • You are free to come and go. If you feel that you are not happy with the guild then by all means, leave, but don’t forget to say goodbye!
    • PVP all you want! It is the only way that you can test your lineups and abilities.
    • Co- leads are selected based on guild points and activity.
    • Guild wars are great. I may even GW even if I am by myself. Though what is the point of calling it guild war if the whole guild does not participate? Do the math.
    Additional stuff:
    • Don’t make HH your priority in life. Study hard, play outside, walk your dog, and do something else while waiting for your energy and stamina to replenish. Your eyes need to rest, ya know.
    • You may purchase in game carats but not too much. Your allowance must be used wisely [buying food, buying gifts for your parents (not your crush/gf/bf), and more food] But if you are earning your own money then buy all the carats you want and make Fincon rich. (well they already are, because they work hard)
    • Consult the Hello Hero forums often. It exists for a reason.
    • A complete and very nice list of Heroes can be found here: credits to (Knutas)
    • Don’t rage fuse. You need to prioritize support and tankers in order to survive missions and dungeons. I learned this the hard way.
    • Make most of the wonderful events Fincon has to offer. Always have room for 2* heroes upgraded to +5 for 1+1 events. I also learned this the hard way.
    • I don’t personally like putting special characters in IGNs and names in general (™ɞĀûĀ¹³²Ăāº etc) since it is quite tedious in adding friends and PVP.
    • Don’t abuse animals.
    • Love your parents.
    • Love your family.
    • Study hard and play hard! Don’t work too hard because your salary will be the same.
    So what are you waiting for!? Join na! Now na!

    ABOUT GM Bokobo:

    I have been a gamer as far as my cognitive memories remind me. Believe it or not, I have a real life and I am not always online. I love life and kindness is my religion. I love dogs. And cats. And food. Though I can be a troll if I put my mind to it.

    My account is fairly new (Feb 2015) and don’t expect me to have an all-star team. Right now I can only get top 10% in the arena and level 77 dungeon. (as of 05 Apr 2015)

    Now I have more heroes lol
    Last edited by Bokobo; 01-25-2016, 09:08 AM. Reason: UPDATE!
    IGN: Bokobo
    SERVER: Armon
    GUILD: IlustradosPH

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    We got some onyx maps! We are still active! so come and join the fun!

    Last edited by Bokobo; 01-25-2016, 09:12 AM.
    IGN: Bokobo
    SERVER: Armon
    GUILD: IlustradosPH


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      Aaaaand we are still hiring! Please join us
      IGN: Bokobo
      SERVER: Armon
      GUILD: IlustradosPH


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        Up thread for this year! thanks!
        IGN: Bokobo
        SERVER: Armon
        GUILD: IlustradosPH


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          hello... I'm stuck in glacial far far east episode 9... any tips on how to finish the game... thank you for those who will answer..


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            Hi Sir.. i would like to join your guild.. however i have an issue currently with my facebook account.. it wont open... can you please help me with this issue? how can i transfer my hello hero account to another facebook account? any help or suggestion on this matter is highly appreciated.. thank you so much..