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Join Valhalla! + Guide by/for guild members

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  • Join Valhalla! + Guide by/for guild members

    Valhalla is a fun-loving, English speaking guild looking to add new, active members to our family

    You must be level 5+ and be able to put forth some effort to stay active.
    Of course, this is a game and life will always come first.

    Hope to see you soon! <3

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    My Quick Guide to Play Hello Hero and Daily Things to Check... Boss Raid Coming soon when I can do 100k damage on the bosses >.<

    Bigger size of image

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      hi sir, is it just me or is it the picture is too small? would appreciate to see it a bit more clearly (just curious, and would love to learn tips). ^^,



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        Some GuideMates ask help on glacial stages:
        TIP: need 5-6 star units, can't beat the map with anything less
        Instead of Dark Knight Eric you can substitute with another full out attacker

        ​How to pass 1-6 of Glacial, One of the hardest stages O_O, round lasted like 7 minutes >.<

        How to pass 1-7

        How to pass 1-8

        How to pass 1-9

        How to pass 1-10
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