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BloodSeekers Recruitment Drive Ranked 15 in HH

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  • BloodSeekers Recruitment Drive Ranked 15 in HH

    Hi All

    On Behalf of the Guild we are conducting recruitment for guild members.
    We are currently level 6 Guild, ranked 15th on the Guild Charts.

    Our beliefs for the guild are as follows: Fun and conducive environment to play the game. Discussions on strategy, party composition & Heroes for Boss Raids/Arena. Help will be readily available from Senior members of the guild whenever required and also tips to maximize your resources. No member would be forced to donate for the guild’s cause if they do not wish to. And hopefully in the process of doing so, we would 1 day become one of the top 10 guilds. At least that’s the direction that we are working towards lol
    1. To be active and contributing 2K Guild points per arena cycle. This can be easily achieved by logging on the game twice every day for most days and expanding stamina and energy points.We also understand that real life issues do surface now and then so it’s understandable if there’s times when you’re not able to fulfill the requirements. Active participation is required for the guild to activate buffs.
    2. To be contactable on facebook as it’s the main means of communication for Guild members.This is so that you’ll be informed of Guild wars and also when the Guild Buffs will be activated.It is also the place where most of the discussion will take place.
    3. Preferably in the time zone of GMT+6 to +10 but all active players are welcome.
    Why Join Our Guild:
    Well I guess different people would have different reasons, for some people it would be the comrade or the community, whereas for some other people it would be for the benefits that the guild can provide eg. Loot drops, Hero drops & % gold drops. Notifications of the latest event and promotions that’s happening in Hello Hero too. So if you’re active and would love to play the game with like-minded people, please send a PM to our Guild Master.

    Guild Master :
    Fb Group:

    We look forward to hearing from you