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HeroElite looking for new LEADERSHIP

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  • HeroElite looking for new LEADERSHIP

    keronic guild , hero elite looking for a new leader, to make the guild flourish , guild is currently level 4 with 280000 gp's.

    i dont have time to recruit new people, run a facebook page for guild, get rid of inactive , and recently i forgot to buy buffs on a weekend!

    so i need someone to take over the guild and make it flourish!

    post here if you think you can manage that roll! d

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    moved to keronic guilds
    combined your posts
    deleted double.

    please do not double post like that <= rules for chat (game & forum) <= New Support Ticket (can be used to report players)

    Wikia Links:
    Recruit Collection
    1★heroes 2★heroes 3★heroes 4★heroes 5★heroes 6★heroes


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      i didnt mean to double post like that, i tried like 7 times on guild and it didnt look like it posted. so i copied pasted in general and it seemed to work, my browser must have been glitched or something.