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RGM ~ INVICTUS Guild (Lvl 3 English-based)

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  • RGM ~ INVICTUS Guild (Lvl 3 English-based)

    INVICTUS™ Guild are recruiting new members!
    Guild Master: PandaTsun
    Co-Guild Master/s: Gabevil and ianeip
    Server: KERONIC
    FB group: Hello Hero: INVICTUS Guild

    INVICTUS™ literally means undefeated and unconquered. It is a new English-based guild made for newbies in Hello Hero. We are currently looking for new members from different timezones. Our goal is not only earning guild points but to meet new friends and to have fun! If you're looking for a guild that is helpful and beneficial to its members look no further! (We are still working to get more veterans hehe)

    If you want a guild that is fun and slightly unhinged in personality look no further!

    If you just want a place to make friends look no further!!

    If you like pizza, then join us now! (and bring some)

    Current Recruitment Needs:
    1. Level 10 and above
    2. Must be active in Guild Wars, Arena and Boss Raids
    3. Talkative and friendly (ANY NATIONALITY IS FINE)
    4. Respectful

    What we expect from you:
    1. We expect you to be a dedicated member and ready for anything progression throws at you.
    2. Sufficient knowledge and how to play it to its fullest potential.
    3. Positive attitude and talk to other members
    4. Have an open mind and a decent personality
    5. Members are required to help each other when the co-member needs help
    6. Respect the Guild Masters and co-members
    7. Do not share anything unrelated to Hello Hero in the FB Group (please)
    8. Participate in Guild Wars, Arena, and Boss Raids. If you won't be online please tell us immediately.

    What you can expect from us:
    2. Guild buffs
    3. Tips and Advices (Check INH section in FB Group)

    Our base of operations is in the Philippines where there are many active and good HH players. There are members outside the Philippines so please try to speak in English as much as you can. Thank you!

    Members who can't follow the rules and who do not respect the co-members will be removed permanently. Lastly, this guild requires you to be sociable and friendly to its members. If you joined just to get buffs, you won't be entertained. HAHA.
    The main goal of INVICTUS™ is to create new friends and meet new people. Thank you in advance. And see you!

    United we act stronger! We are INVICTUS™!

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    Hey, wanted to check to see if you guys are still active? I just came back from about a 6 month break. I'm level 15 and also on Keronic - my username is Jakthar. I have to wait about 12 hours to join though because I left the guild I was in when I was active.