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Change the ARENA Match Up System

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  • Change the ARENA Match Up System

    I understand that hello hero is based on random system.
    This makes this game exciting. Some 6star heroes are stronger than other 6star heroes and i believe you made it that way.
    Making you want and have a stronger urge to get that particular hero -- like Jessica.
    You made Jessica clearly strong and others see it as an imbalance, and i hardly see nerfs / balances decisions from the game owners.

    But you must understand where the new players are coming from.
    Only the old players and players with uber powerful heroes are enjoying the current arena game play.
    New players and not so strong players don't appreciate arena.

    Why? Because the newbies are encountering strong players even in the first few runs they made.
    Think how a lvl 8 newbie fights a lvl 30 player in the 35th run??
    How unfair to see that one right? How is this even possible?

    This is because that particular strong player's score is the same with the weak one.
    I believe it is how the current arena system try to match up players --- making the newbies shy away from playing further in arena.

    How do you make arena friendly and keep newbies/ "not so powerful" players from encountering powerful old players?
    There must be a way to balance the arena.
    If you guys don't want to nerf the queens, then i highly suggest to please change the arena ranking system.

    For every arena season, all players climb the rank (starting from a private rank to 6star rank).
    But every rank has a cutoff based on arena scores. If you reach a higher ranking level, let's say corporal rank, you cannot go down to private rank anymore.
    If you lose consecutively in arena, your rank and arena score stay as is -- corporate rank.

    Now, every time the season ends and a new season starts, 30 percent of your previous score should be retained.
    If you have attained a 3star rank previously then possibly your next rank will start at 1star rank.

    I love this game and I want other players love this game too.
    Kindly change the matching system based on ranking and not just the score itself and you will be able to avoid unfair match ups.
    With this, newbies and other not so strong players will feel the fairness of matchup.

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    This has been an outstanding issue that doesn't seem to be addressed (even before the 3rd enhancement)


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      Just adding other idea for arena match-up which is more possible.

      If current matching system is still like this:
      Matching system: Ranks 30% an up are matched with opponents with similar Arena ranks. 30% and below are matched up with opponents who have registered similar grade heroes.

      Since HH can identify the ranking even it is not updated instantly, Match-up should be at least be like challenging the upper ranks by points.

      For Example:
      Starting with 0 points, I must challenge players at 81-100%
      I will only start to challenge players at 61-80% if I already entered 80-85%
      I will only start to challenge players at 41-60% if I already entered 60-65%
      I will only start to challenge players at 31-40% if I already entered 40-43%
      I will only start to challenge players at 21-30% if I already entered 30-33%
      I will only start to challenge players at 11-20% if I already entered 20-23%
      I will only start to challenge players at 6-10% if I already entered 10-13%
      I will only start to challenge players at 2-5% if I already entered 5-8%
      I will only start to challenge players at 0-1% if I already entered 1-3%
      I will only start to challenge players at 21st-100th if I already entered 0-1%
      I will only start to challenge players at 2nd-20th if I already entered 20th-50th place
      I will only start to challenge top 1 player if I already entered 2nd-10th place

      With this method, we can assure the balance match and ranking.
      Regardless of your level or current hero, it will depend on how far you play the arena.